"There is something about the ritual of the race-putting on the number, lining up, being timed-that brings out the best in us." GRETE WAITZ

Whooosh…or more like a wind tunnel that you couldn’t shut up…Scary to say though that I use to think I could control the wind when I was a little kid and now the wind is controlling me. Haha…ok you can laugh, I am secure with it and fine with the imagination that I had when I was little. Ok, maybe I still think that I can still control the wind, a master at Mother Nature and still have that imagination, but really the wind killed me on the Monday night run where I was left all to myself running the piers.

ES and DL…they had excuses not to run, due to the Philly marathon and them now relaxing…and DL? What about DL, it’s winter time and DL is DL. DL is an amazing runner, but just gets lazy, as he puts it in his own words. It’s amazing his running talent, his consistency, patience and prominent training regimens when he wants it. Other than that, he knows when he wants to put the effort in and when he doesn’t. After I ran the piers and caught up with the rest of the group, I passed these two leading the pack. ES stayed behind, while DL ran with me. We chatted, as he is a statistician and wants to know about everything from marathons, to next races to what goal I had in mind…it’s incredible the calculations that were going though his head as we had our conversation.

He asked me about my training for my Miami Marathon, as I had only put in 87 miles in the last month of November as I am just gearing back toward recovery and getting back to 100%. Still I feel as though I am at maybe 70%, not even close to 100%. But I’ll put in the extra effort for the next season of marathons in the 2009 season. What’s in store? More out of town races, more on the lines of Massachusetts runs and being with my other out of town team…

Less NYRR races, although maybe more on the level of point races….DL was getting to see where I was at and guage what I was going to do in my next marathon. He stated that it was pretty impossible for me to get a sub 3 with the lack of discipline and training that I have gone though. I know that I have yet to be 100% and not even close to what kind of performance I want to be at.

He tells me his workout regimine of training sub 3 at the pace of a 2:52 marathon schedule. Sick! That was disapline! my gosh, seriously the amout of workouts at a consistant pace that he was rolling at and just the consistancy is amazing. I can not be that disapplined, nor did I want it that bad? maybe...I shrug my shoulders as if I really didn't want that sub 3 that bad...but did I? was I just in the shadows all this time and just lurking at it. It has been a long year for me and that's what I do I guess, is the endurance part of marathoning, the experience of the race and how you enjoy it. We end up at Chelsea Piers as we wait for all the rest of the guys to show up. We all stretch for a while and then go inside. I catch up with Davy boy as we stroll on in and see the rest of the group pigging out to Chocolate Chip cookies that JS made and brought to the bar before hand! CRAZY!

Boy I love this monday night group more and more now...but I had to leave early to settle some things with the newsletter...it's that time of the month again...11 down, 1 more to go...or is it 2 more to go! UH! Can I have my life back yet?

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