8 degrees...

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." WILLIAM FAULKNER

Change, phone, and run...

That was the cycle after work in which I was suppose to run my course. Change into my running clothes from the suit attire (I never really dress up for work although we had our review and I dress for the occasion). So, it was nice to get out of the "monkey outfit" because that is one of the reasons why I am an architect, is because I don't have to wear a white collar every single day...or rather tie. But it is nice to dress up for the occasions and you do get some crazy reactions at work...like, what did you do? Go for an interview today? Or other things... Anyways, I got dressed and I was ready to get buried in the cold weather. The end of the week it is suppose to reach single digits and with wind chill, even negative numbers. I had my monthly Alzheimer's meeting over the phone as the team conference in all the out of state members (we have about 5 or so).they started with us asking how our training was going and getting to know a little more about us. I had done this last year and have gotten to know a few members from going up on some long training runs and going to the Boston marathon last year. So we gave our updates and they know me as the photographer. It's funny...but they know me for the many pictures that I take during the marathon...they didn't believe it until I finally showed them the pictures that I took previously and the pictures that I had during the Boston Marathon. Anyways, the nutritionist guest speaker was up and I felt bad for hanging up, but I had to run tonight due to the fact that I would not be running tomorrow due to a college friend event. Note that my stomach is still queasy due to the stomach virus or stomach flu that I had on Tuesday. So, I hung up and decided to take it out and blister the cold...and it was cold! I left the office and was going to do the usual Monday group run route. I decided to add a few miles due to the fact that I usually run a little more on Thursday’s, which I will miss tomorrow due to a college friend event. I went up to 23rd street and then turned towards the west side.

Ahh!! The west side at 23rd street, I had remembered to stop this time because once when I had my ipod on I nearly went straight into the Westside highway. Read here. Waited a while and then crossed. As I was strolling down the Westside, I saw that the Chelsea piers had their electric billboard show the time and temperature. It stated that the temperature was now: 8 degrees. WHAT! 8 degrees! Uh! It was bone chilling and it was cold. The last time I had seen an electric sign that stated the time and temperature was during the Chicago Marathon and the electric sign told me the direct opposite…92 degrees!

I trotted along in all I could with an easy stride, glide and roll. I kept thinking in my head not to go too fast because I didn’t want to hurt myself before the coming marathon that will be in less than 2 weeks away. It would just be plain darn right stupid and I needed to be at least 85% to perform ok…I can probably go down to 60% and had done that before (which is down right stupid!) But probably at about 85% right now with some of the quirks and straining to train in the past 2 months…no pressure, just go out there and do it.

I strolled around doing my piers as the cold weather took a whole lot out of me. Fortunately I saw a bunch of people out and about…crazy folks! Why are you running? Why am I running? Ahh, put it all behind you and just go out there.

It warmed up, and after a while you just get the hang of it…The sweat from inside of your head mixed in with the cold air on the outside froze, causing a brain freeze right at your forehead! It was quite the unique experience folks…but not pleasant. I went around Battery Park and down towards the Staten Island Ferry, on my ways I saw this huge rat run across…at first I thought it was a squirrel…are rats suppose to get that big? As I headed back up, I quickly thought about if I wanted to go back to 23rd street to finish up pretty strong, but did not. I opted out to take the easier route and just reverse piers and head back to the office. Finish strong and flow back in. Ahh!! it was cold!

What a night…


Anonymous said...

Have admiration for you and everyone back there running right now. You're strong physically and mentally with the conditions. My friend - JT with the Flyers said it's brutal.

Yes, the rats can be as large as squirrels. Nearly ran over one at last years Bay To Breakers.

Stay safe and injury free. Miami in a little over a week now!

runner26 said...

My runs lately has been reminiscent of my life in Chicago. Can't wait to get out there today!!