Awards gala...

"I'm not sure that I can describe what has been called the "runner's high," but like poetry and beauty, I know it when I experience it." MATTHEW SHAFNER

The time has come to finally switch reigns. As I get ready for the gala and a quick shower, I have yet to take a nap after my 22 miler. Opps! How will I ever make it through the night! I change into my tux, not my kilt though this year, I wanted to try something different where I would have a vest and attempt to have a mohawk...or european mohawk like Beckham. Oh yes, and the original bowtie...don't forget that, since I had practiced about two weeks before just to learn this new trick of the trade. I left my apartment to go to Rocketman's and J will meet us there as well. I was early although I started to blog about my past blogs just to catch up and whenever I have down time to catch up. I had remembered to get a thank you card that was returned to me to give to the Nelson's(which I had failed to give to them) but returned to my apartment and came back to see that rocketman was waiting for me in the lobby and J soon came after. We took a cab, strolled in with other Flyers..and the rest of the night...drinking, eating and dancing!
Awards: Although I had been nominated for marathoner of the year, the awards committee had taken my advice to award this to...Michael Hirsch. His 2:45 marathon PR was far superior to my 3:00:09 (which was strikingly the second fastest marathon time for the guys) I was honored, although little peaved, but knew it was the right thing to do.

The award that I really had been waiting for was the President's award given to James from SS...she really did not think at all that she was going to receive an award and she was completely surprised. Ahh!! The known factor of keeping a secret from james was tough, because most of my friends know that I can't keep secrets!

Anyways, it was a tough decision to make but I had to give the decision to CW, whom ihad aged out of my age group. Was I deserving? I don't know, hard to say because I had the second best time in the marathon and CW only runs short races...how do you compare a long distance runner to a short distance specialist?

Other minor difficulties, TB knew that she deserved Most Improved, but was not chosen...I tried to explain to her that it was hard to chose just one person. As I, she was upset because well it's an honor...but James told me that deep down you don't need an award or plaque telling yourself that you did well...you yourself know deep down that you did well this year and have accomplished enough.

In all...it was a great night...absolutely great night!

Umm...yes, as well of two photos of me...one photo I had mooned the entire club with my pink underwear and the flyers logo on my butt...

The second I am in my pink underwear with The Kail as we posed in underwear at the lovely event...

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