“If this wind is hitting me that hard, it’s hitting them that hard too. So let’s all hurt the same way...So I just pushed.” Famiglietti said.

So time to start up another round of running shirt blankets for this year…but I need the supplies and I had gone down past canal street to see fabric stores to buy my supplies, but it was closed on Saturday. So I met up with JM as we strolled down and got my items. As we looked around, we saw iron on letters which we had been looking around for aimlessly for marathons…I mean really! We knew that craft stores would have them (excluding Pearl Paint) since we have searched there countless amounts of times, many of the craft stores in NYC does not carry them…and duh! Fabric stores, fabric market, fabric district! Uh! What were we thinking? We saw our iron on letters there and through about buying large quantities of them, but we can come back…

We strolled around NYC just aimlessly spending the day outside and walking, talking and gasping our problems with each other. JM is one of the closest people within the Flyers and people can say that we share a unique relationship…some even think we are dating (JM, you ruining my game? – which is a good thing…really!)

So I had been thinking already to bake cookies for the Monday night group run, since tomorrow will be the first Monday group run of the year and since JS started baking cookies the last first Monday group run, we had to keep this a tradition. I asked her if she wanted to come back and bake cookies since I had to go buy some ingredients at the grocery store and then mix and bake. We strolled around the grocery store, got in line and the poor women in back of us didn’t have a basket. JM offered to go get a basket for her, but then I saw the contents that she had and the contents that I had, and she was going to have such a hard time at the counter, so we decided to just give her mine.

We got all of our items and then trekked back home, where we started to bake right away…with all the ingredients. Cookies from scratch! Got to love that!

We had two different ones: White chocolate chip and Peanut butter chip…sooo good.

The downfall, when JM left, near the last batches, I guess my fingers slipped out of the thicker parts of the glove and went to the thinner part and I burnt my finger…my FU finger, so whenever I am showing you my blister, I’m not giving you the finger, I’m just showing you my blister on my FU finger…

So I must have made 30 cookies altogether. It was fun, relaxing and enjoyable to just cook and bake once again…a long loved past time…

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