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"In a world that's quickly becoming so fast-paced that multi-tasking is a way of life, runners have managed to find a way to do something that's good for our heads, bodies, and spirits, and that provides wonderful social interaction." JOHN BINGHAM

I promised Rocket man last night that I would be meeting up with him at his apartment to go up to Central Park. Little did I regret that now that I woke up with many regrets in running and making promises to take pictures. But this was for the team and I needed to do this, even though BC was there to take pictures. I had thought that Rocket man would be running the race. Although this was not the case, he was only meeting up with people to do some running on the trails, but I had a good time just keeping him company and running up to the race at the start. We talked about some major issues that came about and some minor ones as well. We talked about the economy, jobs and everything in-between. I asked him about the NY Flyer elections, as I was stepping down in my position and he was continuing his position, I was amazed at his forward progress and how much he wanted to straighten things out from board to board. It’s quite interesting how new officers in any office has a hard time to get into things, although transitioning from old to new is quite difficult, but can be done in a seamless way. I plan to have a very seamless transition with the officer that will be taking my job. Since there is only one person running for my position, thus far, we shall see this week how the outcome will be and if there is only one person, then we shall start with the transitioning.

Rocket man left when we got to the park as I took out my camera to snap people’s pictures at the start and there were many Flyers there. I took a few, saw the start and didn’t see BC there as I had thought he had flaked, but later confirmed that he was there. I then headed down to my usual east side 72nd street post where I usually take photos. I was visible as I had my obnoxiously green hat on. This place was my spot and as I got my things out and my fingers were freezing, the lead pack was coming my way. I snapped a few photos of the two men as they zoomed by…and more to follow. I quickly put on my pants to cover up my running tights and get a little warmer. Got out my jacket to change and protect me from the chill and then put one heavy glove on and left my other glove to snapping the photos. It was impossible to zoom and change settings, but I did my best. I saw CD there, as I had seen his fincee there at the start with EC (former speedwork coach and member of the NYF and moved onto another team: Shoes for Africa). But CD I was thinking I would bump into him, or maybe he was too cold to run today or even stayed home and let EB run this race…maybe CD was running? After all it was a short race of 5 miles.

CD saw me at my post as I snapped the first female runner as she went by. I caught other lead pack runners from the NYF, but it was tough catching people in their running gear. The NYF team doesn’t really wear their respected uniforms or gear as I call it very much, but there were a whole lot more out there today. I snapped and snapped photos and quickly we were done. CD went on his merry ways with JD who finished and was doing a cool down. I scurried to the subway to find my ways home.
I had a running date with James later on in the day and wondering when that would be. We contacted each other as I scurried on home to warm up and eat some things. I repacked my bag with warmed clothes for later on and went on my merry ways down to Brooklyn to pick James up and go on her direction with an agenda. I strolled down Broadway, zipping through people and smaller crowds as it was a Saturday morning. I went over the Brooklyn bridge and found James waiting for me at the entrance of her apartment, she must have seen my green hat coming across the Brooklyn Bridge as she had an amazing view.

We chatted and ran towards Prospect Park, through and into this area of amazing houses. This complex she had told me about and are called______? But they were amazing. We strolled around making Z’s and up and down the streets to cover the vicinity. We made our ways back towards Prospect Park as now I started to feel the strain of the mileage as I went up these hills. I have never gone up these hills before as I always made the other rotation around the park. We strolled around Brooklyn for a while and made zig-zag turns up and down streets and I started to get hungry. I had only eaten a banana this morning before meeting up with Rocketman, then as I went back home to trade my gear, decided to eat some granola from the barenaked brand.

I thought to myself that I have become a smarter runner though. I pack things now and pack things to eat as well during longer runs. As I started out, I had remembered that there were some first time 20 milers that I had where I thought I could make it without water and food. It was winter probably of last year training for the Austin and Boston marathons, respectively. Winter means no water in the pipes in Central Park and I was less creative with my routes. I remember that I probably did the most stupidest thing ever, going inside to get water at Nike town and coming back out to finish my run. It was dumb and I ended up getting a snickers bar as well at Duane Reade because I was so darn hungry. I tried to finish up my run, made it down to 23 or even 18th street and then never made it to continue even further. Hypothermia must have hit and I made it home, just taking everything off.
Anyways, that's a different story. James and I went back and forth, zigzagging as snow fell more and more prominently. It was the first snowfall of the NEW YEAR (calendar) and it was fun. I was getting exhausted and I slowly at my frozen Snickers bar (for marathons) and slowly gnawed at it, piece by piece. I was slowly tiring, as we zigzagged, calling each other lovers and joking around. It was good because James was in such a great mood, great shape and great pace...although I was getting deeply entranced into stopping. She kept me going, it was either that or the thought of breakfast. We slowly finished and passed the diner due to us not making the time that she had wanted...another block around and then we finally finished. We had just done 13 together + the 3 that I did going across the bridge...that's 16 there...then this morning. Well add them all up together, I thought I had hit 20 miles...3 miles up...but I had forgotten that after running all the way up to the start, I ran down towards 72nd...adding another 3-4 miles somewhere...all together: 24.6 miles. CRAZY!

James and I ate breakfast at the diner...and oh it was good. We probably had the best time out of all of our experiences together just this morning. It was a change, it was defiance and it was growth.

I believe we have a great history together that we can tell each other anything and everything. Being blunt about anything and everything...that's what true friendship is all about.

In the end…90.2 miles for the year at this point, which makes that: 90.2 miles * .50 per mile = a cool $45 in the pot.

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