Do you remember your NYRR number?

"I can't imagine living and not running." PAULA RADCLIFFE

Ok…so I signed up for the first quarter of my races for the year at the NYRR website today during “work”. (I am currently on vacation at work, but had to catch up on my work since the 4 day switch…) Anyways, it sort of is nice, but at the same time it’s a pain in the butt since people are coming to me and requesting I do this and that, and I keep telling them, that I am only in for work because I need to catch up.

Work is rough and I was warned by this beforehand.

On the NYRR side, I was deeply regretted that I was not accepted into the NYRR Empire State Building Run-Up this year. I had to write them a letter asking JC if I had been accepted:

Hi, my name is BH and I had signed up for the Empire State building Run-up. I am part of the New York Flyers and many of my team members have been notified about their qualification or rejection status. I have yet to receive anything from the NYRR about my status for this race.

If you can please check upon this and inform me if I have or have not been chosen that would be great.

I have confirmation that my application was sent on December 1st at 11:56pm.


Her response:

You were not accepted

Makes me feel so good inside, a little frustrated even due to the fact that last year I had to miss the Milrose Games and the Empire State Building run up due to the FLU. Damn it!

Anyways, I ask if you remember your NYRR number due to the amount of races that you always sign up for. I think I do, but I always take out my card just in case for number verification. Scary how many races you sign up for and you automatically remember this number due to the amount of times you input it in, like applying for college applications and having to put your social security number for every single form.

Anyways…further note, it maybe good that I was not accepted since I will be doing my Miami Marathon this weekend. Oh boy, I am getting a little anxious, a little scared and a little weird out by the whole thing. I still get this way in every marathon I do…it’s very weird and I am scared of even the distance of the race. Weird huh? It’s this anxiety that you get when you are just about to go on a rollercoaster I think…very scary.

I watched the video of the course. It sure did look amazing. Sure looked fun, LONG and actually longer than my usual marathons that I do. We shall see what I get, as I had just checked out the mileage that I had ran last month and that surprised me.

No pressure. Stay calm and enjoy the ride…


Anonymous said...

Marathons more than any other race are nerve racking to me. It's because of the uncertainty of the distance (have done 20 of them).

Good luck Sunday in Miami!

runner26 said...

boo! sucks about the ESB.

But yes, I totally know my NYRR #! Even better than my SS#, perhaps...

you doing ab month this year?? I hope so!

good luck in Miami!