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"Why run a race? You race to test yourself, for the ritual, the camaraderie, and for the adventure and discovery." The New York Road Runners Club Complete Book of Running

So meeting the 4 special people for breakfast at Little Poland today at 9:45, this means that I had to get up early to make it in time for breakfast and run beforehand because that’s a chore. I mean getting up early in the winter time and having a noontime run is far different due to the weather and temperature. But I just had to getting up early, which was difficult due to the cold and did not help me mentally in going back to bed. But I prevailed and the group would have been disappointed if I didn’t go out to run before hand since everyone else had already planned to run before hand. I was going to run with them but decided on another route to take at the very last minute.

I headed out the door about 15 minutes late and it always happens that way where I plan out my runs but don’t make it out in time due to just changing and getting all of my gear ready. I have more gear than most people when it comes down to just running: ID tag, Polar stuff (watch, heart rate monitor, and distance pod) clothes: more than most today, due to the cold chill, gloves/hat, and sunglasses. Oh and of course, shoes!
I had already planned out a run planned out the night before, but not really calculating the distance or calculating how much time I really needed for the run. It all turned out to being 15 miles (up 2nd avenue, across 59th street and over to the Westside highway and then going down towards the financial district and back around towards the east side) Simple right? I knew I wanted to exceed 10 miles, which is exactly from 18th to 18th (from start to finish, a loop around.) But I needed more. The route I was suppose to take was simply the same, but continue on towards 59th Street and then across and back down again towards 18th street. I had thought that the other two was going to go up to take a loop up in Central Park, although that was my assumption and fully did not understand their route from the beginning, so I went on my own since I had to buckle down on my training and did the reverse of what I was thinking about.

In all I thought about it and calculating the mileage and time thinking it would take about 2 hours to do since my usual 14th street to 14th street run usually takes 1 hour, although I have never calculated the 59th street addition, although I sort of knew that it was about 2 miles + 1 Mile across, + 2 miles back…

As I set out the door, ready to rock and roll, I ate a banana before hand and carry another just in case I get hungry during the run. It was frigid as the winds gusted past as I made it up towards 59th and turned towards the park. The streets were clear and people were out in front of the apple store to be interviewed by good day NY. Crazy people. I found my way towards the west side as it was windy and cold and pressed on. I tried to say hello to many of the runners and bikers, but no response. Any other place, runners would greet each other with a simple hello…NYC runners.

I continued on, and was exhausted by the time I had hit 14th street. Wow, the pace was killing me somewhat as I was now in a rush to make it back in time. I had to go sub 8’s as if I would just make it in time for brunch…and if I faltered, which you always will due to fatigue and your human body…you just have to factor that in. West side with piers and then towards battery park city, I knew the course so well due to the Monday night downtown runs, which made it a whole lot easier, but it was exhausting when you had already done 8 miles already. I rounded out the lower east side and back towards 14th street…exhausting and major killer with hallucinations. I made it home right at the 2 hour mark, changed quickly getting out of my sweaty clothes and trekked down towards Little Poland. The 3 had already gotten coffee and were waiting for me, I felt bad as I called ealier and should have told them to start and order without me…I quickly got my items that I wanted for breakfast and let the good times roll.

The 4 of us had brunch together: Rocket man, Big J, James, and I were our Saturday morning crew once again as we caught up on all different kinds of gossip and all different things that were happening with our lives. It was good to have the crew back again and start the New Year’s with a nice bang.

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sfrunner said...

After reading your blog, I shouldn't be complaining about 33 degree wind chill. Please continue the good training for Miami. Take care.