Happy Chinese New Year!

"Exercise is done against one's wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse." GEORGE SHEEHAN

To cut things short, we awoke pretty early since NC and I didn’t hit it out of the town in South Beach and just chilled on the patio instead. It was nice, just getting to know NC a little better where we had some talks on the patio and talks on the beach…We woke up early, tried to tidy up for MD by cleaning her towels, bed sheets and vacuumed the floors. We left the apartment and drove MD’s car to the airport where NC would leave first and I had totally forgotten that my flight was later in the day…promising my parents that I would be back for Chinese New Year dinner with the family. Boy, did I get in trouble!

Leaving Miami on a Monday was CRAZY. All the ships sailed back on Monday so everything was booked up. I tried to switch into NC’s flight, but oh well…without avail, I could not. I strolled around the airport a few times and tired to answer as many e-mails as possible. I kept busy.

I spotted a crew of people who probably just did the marathon or half marathon. They are young and well, there was a bunch of people. I talk to a couple who had just completed their first marathon…both of them did it. Wow, quite an accomplishment. Although, they were not bit by the bug, they had told me that they would never do a marathon again. I mean it’s right …it’s a hit or miss and marathons are not for everyone. Although I still stand by my point, I believe anyone can do a marathon if they put their heart into it.

I enter the plane and there is another person who comes in to congratulate the couple. He had just done the marathon himself and I congratulate him. He asks me a bunch of questions and we end up sitting in back of one another. JG ended up hearing all about my Coach Brian side of things and I offered advise…although believe that I am a giver in advise, but a total hypocrite in any advice that I dish out…well sometimes. Every runner is different and I regurgitate what I read and know what is right, so my body and as a different runner, I believe that I give the “average” runner’s advice to people. I believe that as a runner you can take any advice and ask as many questions as possible to things to learn. It really is up to you to take it and try it or leave it or not use it, if it does not work for you.

Anyways, there was a couple on the side of me that had done the half marathon. The guy next to me talks to me and both are from Long Island. Well, let’s call him Andres, since I had forgot his name. Andres and I talk about the marathon/half marathon, he’s quite accomplished since he had qualified to get into Boston, and wants to do better as in 2:45 better…which is an amazing time. He’s part of an elite club which probably takes running to another level and he’s trying to accomplish a whole lot. I talk to him and the gal next to him (seems like she is his girlfriend) get’s into a fight with him. She says why does he have to talk about running all the time. She’s quite a good runner as well as she just ran the half marathon in a great time. I settle down and let them duke it out as I didn’t want to get in any part with them. It was a weird time to sit next to a couple (runners) and not talk about running and not engage in a conversation. But once we flew off, we were at it again. I knew something was up with the couple and I tried to engage in a conversation with Noelle (which is the girls name).

In the end, it was a weird plane trip, but alright. I had to jet off after the plane trip. I said my goodbyes and had a good conversation with JG in inviting him to the group run on Monday nights. Hopefully he will come and join as a member. It’s always great to have some new members in our club. I had to race from the airport, to air train, to subway, to port authority bus terminal, to bus, to Jersey to my grandmother’s place.

Ahh! Chinese New Year and Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Family and it was good to be back home to see the family. Grandmother was good as she had recognized me. Cousin and I talked while I had eaten dinner and the rest of the family was done with dinner (they didn’t wait for me, and I didn’t expect them to)

It was good to be back home…Happy Chinese New Year!

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