First Monday group run for 2009

"For me, like so many others, running is the answer. Out on the road it is just you, the pavement, and your will." JOHN BINGHAM, The Courage to Start

Like all Monday nights, we start at 13th and 8th, but today I had to go to the bar and drop off the goodies. So I left work earlier, went to the bar since we (JM) had confirmed that the bar would allow us to bring in cookies and so I went into Brass Monkey to drop the cookies off.

The bartender looked at me awfully strange when I had asked her to stash the bag for me, but she simply grabbed it and then dumped it in the drawer.

I left thinking, what happens if I had something fragile in that bag...or if it were cupcakes, the cupcake tops would be all over the place!

Anyways, met up with the rest of the group a
s many people were asking me what kind of cookies I had baked. It was suppose to be a surprise, although I let the cat out of the bag.

We started as I had been dropped from behind and had to catch up to the lead pack...these last couple of weeks I had been speed running these group runs at near race pace or at a 7:30 pace...it wasd tough and I don't think I had worn enough clothing. JoM, JM, JB, & JS were all in the front pack as I had to peel off and go to the restroom. (Whenever I drink a whole lot at work, I have to pee like a race horse and it just drains in 5 minute intervals) But whatever, tried to catch up, but did piers as well...

As I passed the soccer pier, I had caught up with E and NS, LK and Rocketman...I kept my pace, but as always hate when I pass people on group runs...E followed me and he kept pace. E and I are battling it out in a friendly distance challenge for the entire year on who can reach 2009 miles in 2009 first...big challenge for me and such a long term goal!

Anyways, piers galore and E was talking to me...we caught up on many items as we rounded Battery Park City as we see this speedy guy coming towards us....I recognized the certain gate...I had known it was CW, as it could have been anyone, but you can see that he was a true runner and how his stride and gate of ease...
We caught up, since it has been a while since I had last seen him...and saw a familiar face at the corner, it was JoM. She was leaving the group and was waiting. I stopped to chat and see how things were going with her. All month E, JoM and AJ had been commenting on my status on Facebook and they had been having a grand old time...it was rather runny actually.

So I was left in the dust by CW and E... So I had tried to catch up to them...but knew it would have been impossible to do so, unless they slowed down and waited for me...I saw JM and JB ahead, then saw the rest of the crew: JS, E and CW.

We strolled again and the packs were separated, as we went to do our piers (in reverse this time around) and finished up at Brass Monkey.

I finally strolled in after changing back at my office and my stomach didn't feel so well. But got the cookies from the bartender and the slew of Monday night runner attached them...gosh, didn't know that runners have such a sweet tooth!

Umm...I think you guys finished like 30 or so cookies between the 10 of you there last night...or maybe the max 12 people...

...The burgers were great last night though!

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