First run in 2009!

"When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical." EMIL ZATOPEK

So after my drinks with HL last night, I quickly went to BS's apartment to make it in time for a toast and bringing in the New Year for 2009.

It was good to be with such great people on New Year's. Many of the Flyer crew were there as we rung in the New Year's together, although it was a last minute ordeal and was very chill. We hung out and caught up. Stayed till 3 am in the morning. Arrived home at 4am and quickly went to bed afterwards.

I awoke up this morning at 9am, which was very early and it was the "use-to- getting up at that time and hour.". So I cleaned up and got ready to go up to see my parents and to chill in upper Westchester today. I got into my running gear, got all of the necessary items into a bag and ran my way towards Grand Central.

It was chilly this morning and the pack was holding up, I must have looked ridiculous, but the streets were pretty bare on New Year's Day at about 11 am...I made it to grand Central with some time to spare and my distance was not quite where I had expected it to be at...not even 2 miles and I ran a little on the other side up to 55th street to make it about 3. Then got onto a packed train and wrote up an old write up about my experiences helping NS with her focus group...until I finally reached the train station.

But, there is one exception. My parents would not be picking me up at the train station. I was to run back home. The train station is about 3-4 miles away from my house...(no big deal right, especially for a marathon runner.)

Umm...it was freezing out and the winds were blowing! The difference was the hills that I had not been trained for and was not use to in my training in the city. I took my time and got into rhythm. It did feel good to be back home running in the woods and having scenery again...city running you have the same routes and buildings are all around you so it's good to get away sometimes.

I finally arrived at my parents place where I found snow in the driveway. I quickly changed out of my sweaty running gear and into some dry clothes. And went back out to shovel the driveway...ah!
I try to be a good son...Anyways rounded the first day of 2009 with a 7 miler.7 miles of 2009...2002 to go!

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nyflygirl said...

sounds like the flyers had such a great time...