"You catch those boys!"

"Fitness is a stage you pass through on the way to becoming a runner." GEORGE SHEEHAN

Pretty picture perfect night to run, although it was on the cold end side. I went to the office after awards gala shopping with JM. It was a whole lot of fun and lately we have been hanging out and having some very great memories and moments in NYC that we wouldn't really be experiencing.

It started to snow as we walked from the lower east side to union square. I went to work, doing various things like catching up on my blog, listening to Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech and of course, working on THE LAST newsletter that I shall be doing.

I didn't have to wait very long until 7 rolled around and pretty much made it out in the somewhat cold weather. CW was there with his co-worker that he had been talking about with me on our runs, who will be also doing the Miami marathon.

CW and I bursted ahead of the group as his co-worker tried to stay up with us. We were doing the piers as always and the sights were amazing. I had see the iceburgish ice pieces in the water the morning of, but the snowfall during the day and the moonlight in the glistening water was an amazing sight.

We were definitely slipping as we ran on top of the unshoveled snow in some parts and we probably ran more than we actually don because of the slippage factor.

The roads were not plowed much, but staying on the bike path and the going on the usual route, made it quite the exciting night...well...watch out for injuries of course! I told CW to bring his YAK tracks as they probably do in Colorado when they run in the snow and ice for grippage.

We made it around with no avail, coming back with CW's co-worker and taking it easy, which meant no piers. We did our usual sprint in the end as she tried to keep up. There was a person in the street who yelled out at us, saying...

"You go runners..."

Then seeing the gal run after us, saying

"You catch those boys!"

Anyways...in all it was a good run and a gorgeous night.

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