Getting out the lactic acid...‏

"I put it in historical perspective. This is our heritage; our evolutionary gift, dating back to our days as hunters and gatherers." STU MITTLEMAN

Usually you are suppose to take a few days off for rest after the marathon. Now for me, I usually like to run 2 days after a marathon to take out all the lactic acid out of my legs that makes the legs feel like they are stiff and heavy. To do this, I usually like to run for about 30 minutes to relieve the muscles from the pain.

My route? Yes, I was going to go on the east side and run that route, but I decided to stay with the roads and streets. I went down 2nd ave where at a stop light I find a runner coming up right on the side of me. SHE, yes I do like my snow bunnies during the winter time, went and I followed. I was not stalking her, I was going at the same relaxed pace that I had wanted to and she was going on hers. I went down to houstin street and we parted, then met back up on canal...weird huh?

I then decided to take canal street across to the west side and then went up towards 14th or rather up to 23rd street...then back across again...

Taking my time, the muscles are shot and achie, but they should recover in time...

Everything is in moderation...each body is different and I know my own...which is why I needed to run today.

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