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"I try not to get too caught up in thinking about the task ahead. I just do what has to be done. I have the belief in myself that what I'm doing is right. Then I let the rest happen." EAMONN COGHLAN

So finding to have a productive day on Friday, I got up at my usual run a tad late due to some catching up to do on some blog posts. I needed to run today, (well, not really need to run) but chose to run. I decided to go my usual downtown loop run that included piers. That would be an 11 mile loop at a moderate pace...that would already bring my weekly mileage to a very high amount already, which I also planned on running tomorrow already, but it's ok. Today, we will take it easy and go at a moderate pace. It was freezing, although in the sun it was rather warm, but there were parts that the wind just picked up and blew you right into the Arctic ocean. I kidd... But yes, I have been thinking lately on every kind of situation there possible on this whole budget cut issue and how to fund my marathon season. I say season because most people know about how I play the marathon game in traveling to different places, experiencing the things that I see, do and enjoy. Some by myself and some with other people, which I truthfully enjoy just enjoying the sights of the new places that I get to see. I mean I may have been to some of these places before, although when I was there I was probably very little with my parents and didn’t get to enjoy the finer things in life.

Anyways, how to expend my trips and save up a little on the side. This is what I do, which may sound crazy to some people, but to me it’s all about budgeting. I was thinking about this on my run on how to fund races, plane trips and other necessities in life. OK, this is an understanding to my madness:

Each weekend (starting on Friday), I take a total of $60 in cash out of my bank account. This is my spending money for the weekend or week per say if it can stand that long. So, I was thinking in order to price out expend my trips, I will see how many miles I have done throughout the week. Now with each mile that I do, I will have to pay “myself” or my fund .50 to each mile done…so if I do 30 miles, that’s $15. That’s quite a lot of cash piled up later on…and I do a lot of miles. I was thinking that I need to owe up the miles starting from the New Year, so by the end of the weekend, I will know exactly how much I will have to pay the “running bank”. I was also finding other ways to fund this running bank as I past the Fulton Fish Market and headed over to the Staten Island Ferry. While I went towards the Ferry, I was running into quite a familiar face…well actually noticing her stride, since I notice these things about runners.

NC was running right at me, I have seen her in the past running the same route, although she lives on the upper east side and I live on the lower east, so this is my territory and is more of my usual route. She usually does these runs daily though because she is quite the amazing distance runner and excels to running longer distances weekly. The gal runs like 100 mile weeks! It’s insane! I ran with NC during the Austin Marathon as I crashed most of her running marathon schedule to pursue my marathon states. She had done Austin the year before and she told me about it, so I followed her. I asked her at the starting line right before the Austin marathon, what pace she was going to be going at? She told me that she would be running “slow” and that she had not trained that hard. I told her that I would be trying to run at my BQ pace and probably nothing more than that…If I only knew the range that she was going to be running at, I would have ran with her…She ended up PRing and was right behind me at the finish only a few minutes behind…very ridiculous!

Anyways, I asked her which marathon she will be running before Boston, she told me that she was deciding and she had recently looked at a marathon list of what possibilities there were. I asked her about Austin and she said that she would not be returning for that one and wanted a new and fresh marathon to go to…so the possibilities are endless from now until April…but really probably January or February, since you need to rest and then start back again.

I chatted with her for a while and then didn’t want to cram her training and it was cold, so we left it as is and would call/email each other to chat…she was on mile 15 and I was on mile 4…big difference!

Anyways, I continued on, passed the Staten Island Ferry, passed the Statue of Liberty and she had warned me about the Westside and the winds, and boy was it windy. Sometimes New Yorkers take little things like passing by the Statue of Liberty for granted. I am able to see the little lady each and every Monday night run at night and mostly every Friday…Strange…

I did my piers, finished up by trying to go hard for the last mile when I go from the Westside into the streets of NY, which can be a pain with all the stop lights, although each avenue block is about a 200 meter sprint, so it was good to get a good sprint workout and speed work. I finished very strong with a sprint down the last avenue block.

Overall…good run, nice day and about 1979 miles to go for the year…

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