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"There will never be a day when we won't need dedication, discipline, energy, and the feeling that we can change things for the better." GEORGE SHEEHAN

Stress from work of the unknown. It’s a bad economic world out there and at any time anyone’s job can just fizzle away without them even knowing it. Finding a job ain’t so easy now days where there are many layoffs and the competition to find that one spot is hard. So for me when my PM said that he wanted to speak to me and only me on Tuesday, but when I went to him, he told me that we would go out to get lunch together…umm…I knew something was up. Lunch on Thursday none of the less, and it was only Wednesday. Umm waiting 2 whole days to find out the outcome of something was not pretty. Today was difficult just getting through the day whenever you see the two people you work for leave their desks to discuss “matters”. Something like that makes your head spin when you share a cubicle with them and they don’t tell you what’s up.

What eases the pain a little was when the designer explains that the senior detailer told him that our PM was not happy about the work that I had produced within the set. GREAT! I feel like I am walking on eggshells at work and the fear of always getting laid off, just horrendous. I have been laid off about 2 times and both in one year! I seriously know the feeling.

Anyways, when the day was finally over, I was suppose to have a dinner date with DS, one of my closest college buddies, but something came up and she had a stomach virus, so we had to stay away from restaurant foods and decided to reschedule. So I just went home.

Quickly changed into my running gear and had to get away and run. I run because I feel at ease when I run. I feel as though the wind is at my back or front and the calmness of the breeze in my ears and in tonight’s case the frigidness on my nose. I went down to 14th street, cut across to the east side and then ran down. There had been recent incidents about people getting mugged and taken down while running in this not so wonderful NYC, but overall it is safe….but better be safe than sorry. I headed down the East side as this area is quite dark, being very cautious and always looking behind me at times. It was desolate and it brought more of the mystery into play as groups of hoodlems pass by…I await to anticipate on a beat down and jump as I try to speed past them. I really am not going to lie, but I am sort of glad that I am a guy in the city rather than a women. I can feel the at ease feeling if I was a women though and it’s sort of scary.

I am able to see spots and some areas that I can’t see where I am running. But by the time I get to Chinatown area, I’m alright, but keep pushing since there was a whole lot on my mind. Stress builds and it is slowly lost during the run and the faster I go, the faster the ease and thoughts just vanish into mid air. I round my ways around the Staten Island Ferry and continue to go into the streets instead of making a U-turn and heading back on the east side. I head up Broadway instead…the good thing is that it has people, the bad thing is that it has people…meaning there is protection and activity within the area, although you have to dodge it. Street running is not really fun as you have to stop and go, stop and go as more runners would prefer to just run continuously. I don’t mind either since I have learned to adapt to the environments that I am at.

I headed up to Molly’s where J was at and held a dinner with some Flyers. But there were two things still on my mind: Gals and work. Work had calmed itself down and there was nothing really I could do about it. I just had to face the reality part.

HL was a gal that I hung out with frequently throughout the last two weeks of December and absolutely nothing back since New Year ’s Eve. Absolutely cold and I guess to say the least, it’s better that way. 2008 was bad in the relationship end…not totally bad, although I didn’t seem to give people the fair chance and I messed up a whole lot in the relationships that I have been in. I guess, I would have to say that it was a bad time in my life and I totally learned from my experiences, but really would never give it up for the world because I certainly loved the experience when I was with certain people. May it be with the work load that I had with the Flyer newsletter or just the managing of work and play and running, I couldn’t handle it. Actually it was scary because I had though I passed HL, but really never looked back. 2009 will be better, we shall see…no rush at all.

As I made it up towards 22nd street and went into Molly’s, I see PB&J or BS, Landmarks or E and JS sitting with J and eating some mighty great burgers. Ahh! Molly’s Burgers, I would have to say one of the best burger joints in NYC. I left keeping my head up and problems slightly vanished…it was a good run and I needed that.
Woman Slashed While Jogging in Park Behind Gracie Mansion
Published: January 4, 2009

A 39-year-old woman jogging in a park behind Gracie Mansion on Sunday afternoon was slashed across the forehead by a man who walked away after the attack, the police said.

The attack occurred in Carl Schurz Park, near the corner of East 88th Street and East End Avenue, shortly before 2 p.m..

The woman initially thought she had been punched, a passer-by said. The woman was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center with a laceration to her forehead, the police said.

The passer-by, a 66-year-old man who spoke on condition of anonymity because the attacker had not been found, said he came upon the woman and another person who had stopped to help her.

“There was a person who was there before me, sort of kneeling down with her and trying to comfort her,” he said. He said the first man told him that the victim had said the attacker had not spoken to her.

The attacker “hadn’t really said a word,” the passer-by said, “and then continued walking northward. Kind of a deranged guy, I guess.”

The woman was distraught, the passer-by said: “She seemed to really go into shock. Her body started really shaking. Her face was kind of bloody.”

The police had not named any suspects as of Sunday night, and it was not known if the attack was captured by a surveillance camera.

Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the mayor, although Michael R. Bloomberg does not live there. He uses it for meetings and for entertaining.

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