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"A lot of people run a race to see who is the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more." STEVE PREFONTAINE

Choosing to take the subway over the cab on a Saturday morning lead me to wake up extra early for the longer commute. (NC and I had been planning to take the cab together, although NC lived up in the upper east side and I would have had to take the subway to her place, then walk over...that would have been stupid and wasting a whole slew of money).

So in these economic times, I had woken up at 3:35 am to rest assure myself that I will have plenty of time to catch my plane to Miami. So all week I had been counting back to reassure myself with plenty of time. Plane flight is at 8:15ish, count back an hour or so for buffer time and having to be there early, subway delay time (weekends) and signing into the airport/air train...walking across 14th street from the east side to the west side...yup, I factored all of that in already.

I had packed all my bags, layer all of my clothes out for the next day and ate dinner...going to bed rather late (at midnight) since I am just use to going to bed late now. I was nervous and it just gets to me these marathons...

Woke up, groggy and discombobulated, brushed my teeth and made sure I had everything...some reason I always think I have left something out. I left my apartment at 10 to 4am (I was ahead of schedule), as I walked across 14th I remembered how hard it was to think at this early in the morning...ever since college, I had always gone home from studio at this time trying to not pull all nighters for work... I was in better time than I had though and everything was running so smoothly...as I went into the subway entrance, the entrance was not working...the L train must have repairs again this weekend (good thing I had opted to walk across). Had to go another entrance, as I tried out a metro card that I had found on the floor to see if it had worked...

Score! It was an unlimited card...wow, I had been lucky! (There are times when I just see a metro card in the streets and find that some are cash cards...if a metro card is displaced about a few blocks away from the subway then you may have a winner, if it is close to the subway, more than most, the card does not have anything in there...but you will never know...and your card can be lost anytime as well...so what comes around may go around.)

As I went into the subway I hear a subway coming, nope! It was the other side...wasn't that lucky. The subway finally came at 4:30am (which I was still early since I had factored in about a 30-45 minute waiting on the platform time...then the 1 hour to 1-1:30 commute to JFK airport...but I was early. - didn't factor in the subway being on the local line though, so we shall see what time I arrive at Howard beach station...should be still ok. Ok...nap time until I get off the subway. Maybe my brain will start to function then...

5:20: off the subway and awaiting the air train to arrive...boy I am way ahead of schedule. Before you know it, I am at the airport even before NC would even enter the cab, or when she had planned on taking the cab.

5:22 air train comes. Arrive at terminal 2 (Delta airlines) Yes, I know, I should be flying Jet blue or something else, but currently have a Delta airlines credit card, which I get skymiles from) 5:35 get off air train, check in and through the respectable security...done by 5:50... Great! Put on my contacts and walk around the terminals for about half an hour...call up the other NC who I was suppose to stay with because her flight was at 6:15...we chatted and she calmed me about the course. She asked me if it was my A race...I was like A race? What's an A race? It's your A game race for serious!

I opted not to really answer that, due to the amount of training that I had done in the month of December and starting back really late in November...my usual 3 month training session was cut really down to a month and a half of serious training.

6:30...sitting and waiting...take a nap until NC gets here...she's probably in a cab right now. Wake me up at 7:30...alight?

8:00 met up with NC as we chatted...it's going to be one weekend with her as she told me that she was "sick" and has stomach issues...yeah, like that will slow her down. She's absolutely amazing and probably will do fine. She told me that this was not her choice of running weather as she would rather choose cold over hot. Guess I am different. I can last through both I guess...checked in and sit in my seat by 8am....

Miami, here we come!

The flight down there I sat next to a lady barber, who does triathlons (which I had asked her about because I saw that she had a triathlon magazine). She was going on a cruise, single, 49 year old women who talked about hair and the barber business for the entire airplane ride. I didn't mind at all as we engaged in conversation about our lives and so on...we arrived to Miami earlier than expected and MD (AD's sister from high school who is re known in my blog) had came to pick us up...we went straight to the expo and was very intrigued by the antique show happening right next door...but it was somewhat small...little disorganized and not well planned as in space for people to move around in.

We packed up and went back to MD's place after giving a person our parking ticket, going to the grocery store and finally arriving at MD's apartment...it was amazing!

AD predicted right as one of the first words out of my mouth was, "why do I live in NYC?". She had a beautiful view, amazing apartment and comfortable living quarters...

We at on her patio as the sun beamed on our skin. It felt nice as we were enjoying June weather in January...our bodies did not understand the concept.

MD had to bring her dog over to a friends place, as NC and I just chilled on the beach...distressing from the NYC environment to Miami beaches and soft sand...it was a good feeling...

We collected our things after MD was done, went back, changed and was out the door once again to experience a Miami meal.

The food was perfect, the conversation and momentous occasions (besides the table next to us who were hooterring and hollering) it was nice and elegant.

Came back home...ate my second dinner and unpacked our race gear as we are ready for bed to call it a night.

Wish us luck...we'll use anything we can.

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JohnnyGo said...

Good luck!!!
OK, I already peeked at the results, so I know you don't need any good luck wishes -- you rock!