Saturday Social Hour…

"The advice I have for beginners is the same philosophy that I have for runners of all levels of experience and ability - consistency, a sane approach, moderation and making your running an enjoyable, rather than dreaded, part of your life." BILL RODGERS', Lifetime Running Plan

So thinking I was going to go up to the park, run a loop and come back down to get ready for the Awards Gala tonight. I end up seeing GW at Engineers Gate, IJ not too far along from there, LH running a few laps around, while I had seen her. Continuing on towards the bottom of the park, I see TB and MF running together, I run back with them for a little while and then continue running counter clockwise.

Then a guy just sits in the back of me as if I was pacing him in a race. Sitting, is what I like to call a person who runs the same pace as you do, but really drafts next to you or in back of you. As a runner, this is annoying because a person’s footsteps can be very loud and for me, I usually like to run my pace and not get annoyed when I run. He comes up next to me and he just sits there…then I ask him how he is doing…ends up, that it was Andres (or whatever his name was, from the plane trip coming back with me to Miami with the girl that ran the Half Marathon) but I couldn’t believe it was him. Since he had told me he was from Long Island and that he only ran in central park on Sunday’s I couldn’t believe it…what are the chances right?

Anyways, he was busting my ass and I had already ran 8 miles as we pounded out Harlem Hill. I was lucky to have ran into MT, who I haven’t seen in a while and tapped her on the shoulder. I told Andres, to go on ahead and I didn’t want to slow him down. I told him that I was going to stop at Engineers Gate and then he got my drift. He went the other way, as I chatted with MT…It was good because I never really got to know MT that well and she’s going to be with us and her husband to the Hood to Coast Trip. We ran into someone from Oregon or washington that was writing an article about the Ryan Shay case and she was wondering where he had fallen. We bring her to the spot and told her to check out the benches...which she was looking for the quote that I still can not find.

We strolled down to the bottom of Central Park and then back up towards Engineers Gate again to NYRR where she was picking up her number for the race tomorrow. Crazy!

Anyways, by that time, I had see that I was at mile 16…I had to run home! I ended up running home and chilling out…boy, I had not expected to run 20 miles today…and the awards gala is tonight!

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