Thursday group run…

"Citius, altius, fortius...swifter, higher, stronger." OLYMPIC MOTTO

After work, I raced straight home to change into my gear to go up to Central Park to catch up with the Thursday group run. I dropped on out to the cold streets and raced on up, trying to time it correctly, although during work I drank a little too much tea and had to pee like a race horse. I couldn't go back into my apartment, but kept it in till I reached Central Park and tried to find a bathroom or a dark area where I wouldn't get arrested. I went into the Central Park Zoo entrance on the east side, but found myself backing out to the main entrance and then heading on up from there. Since I was up around there, I may as well try to hit up the Boat House bathroom facilities and found the door closed.

UH! Please be open! Glad. It was as I pissed and was back on my merry way up towards 89th street.

There I found that PB&J was there to greet me and we stretched. We had been waiting and stretching and looking for other flyers that would be attending, but without avail, it was only the two of us. We started slow and then picked it up a bit. We chatted and was not really worried about the pace as we just strolled along. It was fun and we just chatted the whole ways like little girls catching up on the recent gossip. Funny huh? Yes ladies, guys do that too. Anyways, the 6 mile loop went by quickly with the frigid air and bitterness that the conversation was rather comforting.

I still needed to get back home and cut around the reservior looking for something that I had seen before. Anyways, headed towards the west side, although I ran pretty intensely and made it back home finally!

It was a good fund day, although, bitter cold in the end. I ended up eating a ton for dinner, which is crazy!

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