Thursday Ten mile toppler...‏

"Every time I have a personal or work problem, I go for a run." FRED LEBOW

I have off this whole entire week, which means I was on vacation and could relax and run and do whatever I needed to gain my sanity back.

I needed a long run to clear my head out. Running to me makes me feel like I am on cloud 9. There is a certain levels of completeness whenever I do run. This feeling of nothing-ness, where you have nothing around you that will make you do wrong. A feeling of control, a feeling that for that time you will not be disrupted by: cell phone, a computer, or any other communication device.

We are in a world of technology, and rarely get this chance to shut everything off. Running is my time, and I guess that is my selfishness.

I decided to run from east to west to east again doing my normal friday runs that I have now been doing so often. It was a good run, fast, long (just the right distance) and flat. It had snowed a little on Wednesday, where I needed another day of rest in between to recover. Slowly recovery and stretching, that is the key to getting back.

I decided to do more than the expected, where I would go out on piers...but here is the kicker...I made it throught the icy conditions of the first three piers, rounding the lst one, I can see maybe that I would fall...or at least skid into the rail. I feel a slight slip, but hold my arm out to catch the rail since I had thought I was going straight in...thinking ok, let's not topple over into the hudson...or let"s not skid into the rail and go straight over the top over the rail.

I am thinking...oh shit! Then, all of a sudden, wham! I just fall straight down. My sneakers did not catch and the side of my shoe or forces were pretty much forced me to slide downward. I fall hard and it REALLY HURT!

I saw that there was a guy right near me and it must have been pretty funny to him. But I got up, and laughed it off...it was pretty funny, but it HURT a whole lot! I couldn't believe it. I continue on and slightly have a limp and bruise on my hip bone and elbow...ouch that hurt...

Continue on...trying not to think of my stupidity and aches...

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