Whad did I do?

"Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind." SASHA AZEVEDO

So another team member from my Alzheimer's team, DQ and I got a kick in the butt by our coach from the Alz. Team. RS is a great person who offers great advice. He loves to talk though about running and it's amazing what he knows and how he knows it.

We received this e-mail today though...pretty funny...a kick in the butt for us...and sort of a scolding...slap on the wrist!

[BH, this is for you as well]:
You may want to back off the frequency with which you're marathoning to avoid injury. I know the seductiveness of being on an upwards arc of PRs, thinking it will never end -- or being worried that it will and trying to keep PRing so you get that "best" race before is IS over -- but there's more than one sensible way to do it.

You ALWAYS feel fine until you don't. In other words, you can keep going from training cycle and race to the next training cycle and race, and so on, shortening the training cycle in order to race more frequently, losing valuable recovery time, until eventually you either have a bad day and hot a plateau (no more PRs for a while) or, worse, get injured and are on the injured reserve list for months and can't train OR race at all.I know; I've been there. I could tell you about how well things went until, all of a sudden, they weren't so good... but I won't.

You could say that I erred in ways you won't but we're only made of flesh, muscle and bone and eventually you get tired or worse, so be careful. One of the things you learn about running marathons is to respect the distance and to respect your body. Don't become an adrenaline junkie. Stick to two per year, three if you feel you must, but be smart with both you recovery and volume build-up. Don't feel you have to do ALL of the marathons in one year, not even a few. Two, maybe three. Pick them well, plan your training rationally, and enjoy them. There are always more races the next year, and the next, and so on...You're young and will have LOADS of great races in the years ahead of you.

I'll be watching with great pride and happiness for you.

All the best,

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