Working on Sunday...

"The most important message I stress to beginners is to learn to love the sport. Like other endeavors, if running is not undertaken properly, it can be difficult and discouraging." CLIFF HELD

On my return yesterday, I chose to watch tv instead of doing my laundry. One particular show on MTV had disturbed me on the running sense...on the show: real world - Brooklyn, I was rather disturbed about how the group of dancers in the NYC conservatory used the Boston Marathon jackets as a uniform. Uniform? To all those runners who one day will get to run the Boston marathon, to all those runneres who strive for that "jacket" which to me symbolizes something like getting a Varsity Jacket in high school...but I was frustrated by this because does this mean that all of these people made it to the Boston Marathon? Did all of these dancers know the true symbolism that reflected in this and really took it to runners?

Uh...maybe all of them did run the bosoton marathon, but really? All of them had the uniform on like it was a routine uniform...

Anyways, really disturbed as a runner and super frustrated.

So...in the morning I had decided all night not to run in the morning to go up to the armory by subway and not run for the weekend. I would run tomorrow instead. I left in the morning and made it to the armory little later than expected due to subway trafficing and construction. The same job, the same old entering data...but for two meets, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Although I was with company that I never knew before. I had met JM, who was the mom of, MH, who had ran for Suffern in the same year that I had ran, and graduatied the same year as I had as well.

I found out that she had ran distance, made it to states and won...quite prestigious. I had never made it to states. She went to james madison and switched into albany...maybe this is where I had seen her also, but she knew my friend RJ, who went to Albany from our school and also did track.

We chatted, and work was not so rough...

After the day was over, I left...was stopped by brutal subway traffic again on the 123 trains and went home to do laundry...and dinner...chores tomorrow in grocery shopping..

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Laura said...

If I ever qualify for Boston and can buy one of those jackets for myself, you can bet I'll be wearing it everyday like it's MY uniform :)