Anything for a free shirt!

"I don't know when I made the transformation from running as a sport to running as part of my life. I can't separate the two." GAIL W. KISLEVITZ

So one of the main reasons I do races is for the free shirt. I love and enjoy running, but getting that extra something, it’s all worth it. I got a notice on face book that Nike was giving out these free shirts during their Nike training runs. I had to get one. Though the kick was that it was for the first 100 people, and it had just started to snow.

Getting up to Niketown was not easy task, these flurries was murder on your eyes as you constantly have to wipe your eyes to get them out. As I allowed only a small window of time, I had been slipping and sliding to get up there…it was very difficult, but I made it. I had just made it up there to catch the crew and got my free shirt as they announced it. Wheew!

I saw that Chang had been there, so I would run with him for quite a bit. Chang ran for Warren Street, as he and I ran together the first year I had started running distance. We had some great challenges on some runs where he would win and get ahead of me in some races, while in other races I would kick butt. Although I recently looked him up, he was far older than I was. I had no idea how much older, which certainly gives him the advantage right back. I was amazed and have a fond respect for his presence and perseverance. We always see each other in the park and always joke around. (he actually thought one time during a run that one of my teammates, Laminator (who also wears a bandana and is Asian) was me, so he pushed him…not thinking it was not me) That I thought was funny though.

We had a very nice run with Niketown and really enjoyed the run as I sped away, slushing away at the ice and snow. It was beautiful in the park though and I ran by James and JB. As well as JS, who spotted me by when I was talking and my butt (since she said she always sees it all the time since I’m running away from her)

As we headed back towards Niketown, I met up with T, who is one of the coaches for Nike and was recently on the Amazing Race. We talked about rubber boots and the leaps of faith that men take when they stroll around in the city on sidewalk corners when slush and water just build up…it’s quite hilarious!

On the Street The Water Dance

I went back to the office, thinking I had to finish up my work and the 6 more hours ahead of me…

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