Bone chillin'

"No other amputee had attempted to run a marathon before. The norms of society, and of sport, dictated that it was an impossible event, but I was soon to let it be known that it was, indeed, possible." DICK TRAUM

Wow...just starting up last night was not fun, as the very few people showed up for the group run. AE, JS, JS, the new member, JG and I followed leader JA, as DG was not there last night. It was just cold standing at on the sidewalk as we got going...ES showed up as we stopped at the stoplight and JG, ES and I decided to try out the piers.

Boy, were we somewhat stupid...as we went toward the west, wind just blew straight at us, it was BAD! Somewhat entertaining, although it was bone chilling. We decided to do more...and finish up on the way there, as we didn't want to know what faced us in on the way back.
We rounded up NS as she was waiting at the soccer pier for the last person, although the last people were actually on the bike path and actually passed her already.

We rounded out and still went on our merry way, some of us thinking why did we come out today and run...JG didn't have enough clothes and was pretty much dreading it, but mad propts for keeping up with us. We rounded around the financial center when we see NS on the bike path. NS had fallen and was looking for $2 for the subway...I gave up my running metrocard for her and told her to give it back whenever we saw each other again...

Then we tried to go around the winter garden, although it was closed and had to go around...which the blistering winds came at you pretty quickly. Harsh harsh times and our only refuge was some various barriers. But then I had to pee and well...the nike shack...yeah, sorry!

Anyways JG had some bathroom issues as well and never made it back with us...ES and I stayed a while till NS passed and no way he was lost or behind NS....

We stolled back...trying to find refuge from the bone chilling wind...

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