Cherry Tree 10 Miler

"On a good day, it all blends. I feel a part of a private universe where everything comes together and feels great." MATTHEW SHAFNER

Waking up at 7am to basically get to Brooklyn before 9:30 since yesterday I was suppose to go get my number, but had too much work to get out of work. I have to pick up my number before 9:30, so I have provided extra time to get to my destination, since the subways are always late and basically on the weekends, I can probably run faster or equal to a destination early in the morning... But who wants to do that? Especially in this cold weather. Waking up in the morning and feeling the temperature in my room gives me a variable of what the temperature is outside...my room is slightly colder than the rest of my apartment...and listening to the weather reports the night before telling me that there will be snowfall or rain was not very inviting.
The temperature was going to be cold...who knows right? I thought it was going to be frigid due to the prediction of weather and also how yesterday was pretty chilly out of the sun and the wind just hammered you. Anyways, left this morning and the weather wasn't so bad...I can deal with this. I may have even worn too much clothing for a 10 miler...although in my mind, this will do anyways is thinking to protect myself from the cold...I don't like running in the cold. Really messes with your time, your lungs and well who wants to run in this weather? The Cherry Tree 10 miler really is not a race for me, but rather seeing where I am at during this point in training. It is weird because the next two marathons that I will be doing will be pacing for an Alzheimer's teammate and pacing the 3:10 group in Jersey Shore.

Travel time to Brooklyn: I rode the R subway as I was typing away on my blackberry and switched onto the F train, which took a while and then finally arrived, the trip totaled to 1 hour on the subway as I arrived in Brooklyn at 8:30-9am…30 minutes before, so I still had time to pick up my stuff. Got my baggage, stayed in the school as it looked as if it was going to rain, but more Flyers came as I had seen them pick up their bags and I chatted with a few. As I headed out to baggage, more and more flyers appeared. We gathered near the baggage tent and socially it was great to see everyone out. Not many winter races you get to see the crew out and about, so it's nice to socialize and have fun. It was warmer as the rain started to rain a little…and then headed for the start.

Game time decision though…run or race or just have fun. I had my camera out and I decided to ease into things. I saw some of the crew of the CHALLENGE: LC, AJ and TB…as I started with TB as we share a common bond in architecture-dorkiness and our passion for running. We chatted and strolled along for about a mile, then she told me to move on or rather she was pacing herself…which means to move on. I did and enjoyed the different scenery from Central Park and just enjoyed running again... I took pictures and knew that it was going to be a game time decision on how the weather was and how cold it would be, the way I had felt and really it was winter time, so no expectations on any races, just to enjoy myself and enjoy running. It was a good time just running by myself as I passed by some Reservoir Dogs and said hello. 3 loops, meaning three times on that hill, but it was short and you knew the course really well…although I didn't know where the finish line was…duh! It was right where we all huddled before at the baggage area…I questioned that for some reason…

in the end, we (TB, PD, CM and some other Flyers) walked back to the school, got some hot chocolate ate some bagels and waited for the awards show...which they messed up...TB won and award!! congrats to her...

anyways...LATE...to meet up with JM...opps!

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