"Waking up to meet friends and run is my social lift outside of my family" Mary Wittenberg

We went to the diner after the awards gala and decided that we were hungry, more than getting more booze at 1 am in the morning. At the gala, many of us felt that there was not enough food to fill our runner bodies and we were all starving for some grub.

J, Rocketman, James, E and I decided to hit it up. We ordered our stuff and then saw another motly crew come sauntering in.DL, LG, SS, NC, and NJ.

They note to us how we snuck out of the whole bar scene and came straight to the diner...did we do anything wrong? We were hungry!!!

Anyways, I am writing this more on the levels of friendship. Tonight was not more on the levels of just running. Tonight was more on the levels of your support and people being there in your life.

It starts with JM just winning the Flyer of the Year Award. After such a heartbreaking year for her in a personal level, and such a great year on a running level, the mixes between peronal and running mix. We are a group of people that have the same admiration, same ambition, and same fix that makes us tick...and that is through running. Before JM won, HM clearly defined within her small speech that we are a group of people who all care about one another. We are a family. I strongly agree to this where I have gained the greatest of friendships from my life through this club. This is what I am greatful for.

You can clearly define friends from their actions. This morning when each and every one of my great friends (James, J and Rocketman) was telling their story on how I had ran the Boston marathon to E. How I had been running, but in actuality they had been running with me THE ENTIRE WAY! They had been tracking me, every 5k with split times...this was no news to me since the Boston Marathon happens in April and they had told me this story already...although whenever they tell the story, they ALL become so animated that it really seemed like they ran the race even faster than I did!!! It gets so exciting and they have such a passion for it...that's what true friendship is all about. I have always told people about the way I felt about the Monday Night Downtown group, they are family to me in every way, every shape and form and every step of the way of how I make decisions in my life...they are shaping the way of who I am and defining what I will become...

A better person in the end...and I appreciate that in every way and thank them for what they have shown me in life and running.

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