First Monday (February)

"Every day is a good day when you run." KEVIN NELSON, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

First February in 2009, destination the White Horse...the usual start where we meet up on 13th and 8th.

The usual crew showed up as there was quite the larger crowd out tonight. Many people usually just run the first monday just because we go to the bar for beer and burgers...so it always varies. I wanted to see if JG shows up since I had just met him on monday returning from Miami. I was glad that JG showed, as I can tell that he was eager to improve. He wanted to get better and I was willing to tell him any advice that would help him.

We started out pretty slow as we rounded out our first pier. JG had chased us, so we had to slow down for the newcommer. We wanted the new guy to join our club, rather than get intimidated. We ran at a decent pace, trying to catch the others. That's the main problem with doing the piers, you are in the back of the pack and have to play catch up. We caught up with a few people, although E took the easy way out and didn't do the piers on the way back. CD had gone out and I was with JG, but had to lose him to catch up with CD. CD was going, and he was moving fast around the turns from one pier to the next...I followed as I gunned all that I had to catch, vut that was nearly impossible for the duration that we were going at. As a sprinter, I can only go on for such a short time and can't compete with that.

I finally caught up while CD switched into a lower gear. We sprinted the home stretch as a vespa strolled on by, nearly hitting me.

CD and I went back to my office to change out of of our stuff as my stomach was not feeling well at all since I nearly at lunch say an hour before...but was ok. We headed to the bar afterwards and everyone was there already...

Beer and Burgers baby!

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