Friday night lights...

"I run because I am an animal. I run because it is part of my genetic wiring. I run because millions of years of evolution have left me programmed to run. And, finally, I run because there's no better way to see the sun rise and set." AMBY BURFOOT, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Kidding! So I get an e-mail to go to Posto to meet up with J, James and "Carol". Rocketman couldn't show up, as we usually meet up from time to time to have breakfast or dinner after work or after a long run. It's always a great time with the crew. So I had thought I had to work for the armory today, but turned out that it didn't happen, so I had to go do extra work at the SCA for real work. (Which didn't come out as well as I had expected). I rushed home and went back out again to get some frames as I had already printed out the same picture of the four of us taken from the awards gala. Rocketman, james, J and me...it was the first picture we had take all of us together.

I quickly got the frames, went home and took a shower...wrote a small message (which each of them have) and I will not reveal it's whereabouts.

We had a lovely time at dinner as they were surprised by the present. It was unexpected of coure as I appreciate their friendship throughout the 3 years that I have known them all. It's the appreciation that I felt in the diner...That said it all.

I gave rocketman his on saturday night as I ran it over his place. It felt good to have some great friends like I do...my parents would be proud.

Power beans drop offSo yesterday I picket up power beans for GW as I stopped off at Jack Rabbit sports. I wanted to do a short mileage run today since it was beautiful out. I stayed in bed for the first half of the morning and needed to get up. I was to meet up with JM and wanted to get a run in before...so might as well drop off these power beans off since I didn't know if I was to see GW tomorrow at the race. I was going to try to do 5 miles beforehand and get some more mileage in. I went up 2nd ave and on my way up, I saw JT, who is an amazing veteran runner. I said hello, stopped to chat a little and then moved on. Went to super runners shop to check out the price of new shoes that I wanted to buy and then headed to GW's place...but took the long way to add on a mile. I left the power beans with his doorman...what a luxury in NYC with doormen and that great service for packages to be run over...then headed to the park. I would enter through engineers gate and start my way down to the time Warner Center where I would go in to The New York Running Company and check out the price of their shoe. After that, I was on my ways home as I had cut through Times Square...suicide to any runner or biker...but I love taking on that challenge. I finished up trying to make it to Jack Rabbits, although I must have turned too many corners and missed it...found myself too close to Union Square and just decided to go home.

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