Full Throttle

"For me, running is a lifestyle and an art. I'm more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics." LORRAINE MOLLER, Four-time New Zealand Olympian

So I was late to get to the Monday group run, but not by much. I was about a minute and I could see where the crew was about 2 blocks away. I got a little worried that it was not the crew, but sped up to catch up. I was late, but needed the run and I could always catch up to the group one way or the other. I finally caught them at the light as I was huffing and puffing…it was too early in the run to catch up. I went with CW though as we broke away from the pack. E was not there, so we were going at a pretty solid pace. We sped up, around the piers as the crew passed us. We went more piers and then had to play catch up. We were booking…We sped up and pretty solid pace, keeping our pace, chatting it up, but it was not the usual “chat”…kept pushing.

Although CW was not looking as he was tired at all, he had the speed, he had the short distance…but I pushed the distance always as that is my only thing that makes me better than him…in some ways…not really! I can beat him in a sprint…he doesn’t know that yet though.
We rounded out to Battery Park, saw some of the ladies there chatting away, we puffed and passed them…wanting to slow down, but urging to go faster to chase the lead pack. We rounded out towards the bike path…but we were sure we never passed Rocketman, PB&J or AE and JS…I mean AE and JS they go at their own leisurely pace, sometimes they go slow, sometimes no one can catch them…it’s quite remarkable.

But yes, we had yet caught up to the group and we were surprised because we were booking. Seriously booking. We went the other way now, piers and all as we chased down PBJ and Rocketman…but the gals were no where in sight. PBJ said that the gals were behind us, but how can that be? We never saw them…We continued anyways, fast as fast can be…CW even sped up on one of the piers…I mean as I wasn’t going fast enough…seriously, it was intense. I road out the last bit with sprints, as a taxi cut us off and we were not happy. We went right in front of him as he was stuck at a light…then he had to ride our asses…sucka!
We finished strong, I was out of breath when we got in…uh! It was tough…rev it into another gear!

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