A missed day...

"Are you truly dirty if you don't take a shower every day? No, but you feel that way. It's the same with running. Just like a shower, running is part of my daily life." NINA KUSCSIK

Ahhh!!! So stupid. After finding out this morning that I was the stupid one that had thought I was suppose to work on sunday after the race...uh!

Ok. I tried to be responsible. The question is, I was too eager...I was midway to my job when I received something from the track coach of my high school. He sent me a message telling me to work on Sunday...but I had thought it was (yesterday) so after the half marathon, I rushed home, showered and at lunch, got my stuff and left to go to the armory. Uh! I was so exhausted...when I got there, it was a catholic meet...all gals. Weird, something was up. But I didn't put two and two together. I was told that there was another meet after this and stayed thinking...ok, I need to be responsible and knew that TF may come to the next one because it involved some Westchester schools. I just didn't want to flake out on him...but was so exhaused...so I took a seat up on the bleachers and tried to take a nap...umm taking a nap at track meets can be done, although you here the gun go off at the start of each event...very nice huh?

What I am mad is that I totally wasted a day of my weekend off of my stupidity!!! So stupid.

So what did I do? I texted. for 3 hours to catch up on my missed days on my blog...slept and then worked the next meet since I was there.

I can't believe that I did that!

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