Monday Run?

"It didn't matter that we were last. We knew we were finishing, that we would endure to the end." THOMAS KING


Yes, what I thought was going to be a double today, turned into a day of no running and rest.
What exactly happened?

Well, this morning I wanted to sleep in and rest. Then I was sure to think I was going to make it to the group run to run 6 miles...there was no need to run a doubler...not yet at least. So I stayed in to read a little, cut my hair and showered and got ready to go to work to do some things.

I went to work then left to go to my part time last job opportunity at the armory. It was money and I guess I can use it right now.

I didn't expect the meet to start later than it did and then as the last event was stringing along...it was really over for me to make it to the downtown group.

As I ride home on the subway, I'm thinking of either running alone on the west side and getting in those 6 miles or just waiting for the rough day tomorrow, where the pressure surmounts again and I can feel it coming...

I think I'll choose tomorrow instead...

Oh and I think I need to buy some new pairs of training shoes...two really to swap here and there...we'll hopefully have two colors to choose from.

Ahh...damn high jump!

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