So cold…

"I believe that by living as athletes we live more fully." GLORIA AVERBUCH

After a rough day…scratch that. After a rough week, I ended up basically being ignored by my office mates today, being told to write more professionally. So here it goes. I am now going to be practicing my short writing and believe that my proper way of writing is taken into context with shorter brief sentences. Like running, I can write more professionally at work. In due time, training takes its course in races and I shall feel more comfortable having more of a base to work on.

But yes, I needed to leave work rather early because today was just a horrible day. All of my urgency and nerve has been pent up inside of me. I had come back from vacation this week to find that my workload has piled up. I had meetings, I had work to be done…I worked till 1am in the morning on Tuesday night. Wednesday I was exhausted and chosen not to run to take some time off and today…I just let everything out when another office mate had been trying to teach me, criticize me and tried to make me understand…but it was too late at that point and tears just ran down my eyes. I had no clue why I was crying, why I took my work too seriously…why all this was inside of me just waiting to get out…it was a sad day and frustrating week.

I got out of work and headed up to the group run. It was very cold and probably I had heard it was somewhere in the twenties or even teens. The wind gusted as that was the big chilling factor and I was ready to roll. On my way up, I can hear people scream out, “are you nuts? Your Crazy!” Yes dear, you obviously don’t see that I am running in 20 degree weather. You obviously don’t know that I have a few lost screws in my head because I am really addicted to running. It’s a really bad habit to shake.

I mean seriously, I do have a few lost screws in my head. I know that. But I needed tonight to just get out there and run…Go out and just think about nothing. After the work habits of this week, I was having a crisis of is architecture really what I really enjoy? I mean, it’s hard…do I really get it? I don’t have to think when I am running. I really don’t. It comes naturally to me and when people ask me questions, answers just roll out of my tongue…I don’t know where they come from, but that’s the answer that I give…it’s as if it was second nature for me.

I speed up 8th Avenue and cut across through the park. I look at my watch, I had been early and I wanted to leave a little bit earlier due to getting my race bib for this weekend’s Half Marathon. Ok…get my bib and then stay in there for a while. I cruised on up, got my bib (no chip since I own mine) and then went down to get my t-shirt. NH, a teammate of mine, had luckily been down there and said hello to me first. I had been saved! I talked for her for about 5-10 minutes about just how things are doing and what she had been up to. We caught up and then as I was putting my shirt and gloves back on…I hear a lady with a British accent asking about the course. The front desk clerk didn’t have a clue about the course and couldn’t give her any information about the course, so I jumped in. I told her about how hilly it was and how before it was the hottest and now the race is the coldest race. I described the course of hilly, loops and probably one of the hardest halves of the 5 boroughs. She didn’t like that too much and was sort of getting nervous.

I reassured her that she would be fine for the race and she asked me what time I had ran because she saw my blue bib. I told her, but it didn’t mean I was running the race this weekend…I plan on doing a long run anyways of tacking on miles before hand.

I quickly get out of the NYRR and go straight to Engineers Gate to meet up. I saw that BS (PBJ) was there already…just one regular person showed up, UW, as he is always a great one to chat up and run with. He’s very inspirational, as his age and his speed. I do have a whole lot of respect for the elders in my club and still wish I can continue running as they choose to do so in their lives. We stroll around the park as the park was nearly empty. Lots of Tri-Life runners/tri-athletes out there running as a group. They must have had speed work or some type of running workout since there was more than 20 of them running. Central Park was out there as well as they always are on Thursday nights. But other than that, we owned the park. It was great as we came around and just ran, talked and chatted about nothing. I felt so at ease and it warmed up near cat hill. It was freezing cold!

After the run, I went over to GW’s place to pick up another shirt, we chatted a little about the Marathon program, as I am ready to jump into another thing with the New York Flyers. I can never leave or never stop volunteering my time as I have gained such great friendships and love being involved.

I left, again entering the frigid cold and it was COLD! Oh man, all I could think about was just getting back to my office. It was a good run though as I warmed up. Passing nearly no one on the way down as I said hello to Mr. Cat on Cat Hill. It was beautiful though as you saw the lights, paths and just ran. Thinking about nothing and strolling through Central Park. It felt as though you owned it for the night…

As I left Central Park, I strolled down the city, finding myself back on 8th Avenue and speeding up to finish strong. I felt very comfortable and at ease ending this week feeling a little better about life.

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Anonymous said...

BH, being a runner, a workout has saved my @?$% many times when things haven't gone well at work. I'm in your corner and hang in there!

Good luck this weekend even though it may be a training run for you.