Water Water!

"This is not about instant gratification. You have to work hard for it, sweat for it, give up sleeping in on Sunday mornings." LAUREN FESSENDEN

Calming myself down after the little scare that we had on Sunday with my teammate, JJ…I think all of us were a little scared after that incident. I mean we can now re-evaluate our A-type personality that we, runners, have. What? We have A-type personalities? How can this be, I mean I don’t think we wake up early just to run long miles and so on…I mean do we? What? Where was I? The discipline to being a runner is extreme and we bring it to the extreme. Waking up at 6am or even earlier to run…run 26.2 miles…run 20 milers…have a training program and sticking with it…religiously? Come on…we are not that bad right?

Umm…sorry to break it to you folks…but I am included in this mess and I am just saying it, talking about it and reading it…thought, really now, I don’t practice what I preach though.
We need to take it easy, we need to take a few days rest here and there…appreciate life a little more and pick up another hobby maybe…

HA! Like that will happen…

Oh and on the side note…don’t you love this picture! I mean this is what I was doing the entire race of the Bronx Half…it was rather fun. I look like I am hogging the water stops! Really now, do you think I can drink this much water…seriously. I should show this to those who did the Chicago marathon 2 years ago and tell them that I did this during the horrible hot weather marathon. UH! Crazy! I love it!

Day off for me…yes, I take days off!!!!

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