What about our club?

"I know I can run a marathon, ironically something I couldn't do in my younger years. This aging thing isn't so bad after all." JIM MILLER

Hey G...

I got word that you were doing this and wanted to reach out to you from our team. I believe that you can pick just about anyone from our 600 large member team who are elegible in meeting your description.

I have been involved with the Flyers for 3 years now and just ended my term as being Secretary for our running club. Many of our members volunteer to make our team function as a whole, and when I say volunteer, I not only mean just for Flyer events. The Flyers have also taken a huge part in having the opportunity with the NYRR to take part in being pace leaders for the More Marathon and NYC Marathon Long Training Runs. I believe that since we are a 600 member strong team we have a very diverse field of runners that allow us to fit all the paces necessary.

Let me remind you that we still are runners. Many of our runners are called the "mid pack" people who run a 8 or 9 minute mile, which is a great time none of the less. We do have some very fast people and some very slow people, but that's what makes us so different. We appreciate running for what it really is...and that is for all people. We are a group that accepts you as a runner for what you are, what you could be and what other's can offer you.

What do I mean by this?
We are a very social club. Our club is not just a running club, but we allow people to gain the networking in life to get connected with other professions. As runners we talk about our jobs in our group runs as a therapy session. At the bars, we talk about our runs and how our running is going and where it will be going. We provide our weekly/monthly social events such as TGFF (thank god it's Flyer Friday's) at different locations around the city to provide people to get out more and not just run. We offer group runs just about anywhere around the city and sometimes even end our runs at the bar to socialize and grab a drink or a burger and socialize. Running to some of us is "our time" away from our significant others or Flyer time as some may say.
We also allow other teams to join us as well, so we can gain friends outside of our running club and socially network with other groups.

We all know that with running you can gain knowledge from almost anyone. In our running club, we believe that you can learn from just about anyone. From the beginner who ”by accident” does something as routine as breathing and how they breathe to a veteran who have done 100+ marathons, you can learn from anyone in our club.

Personally, I have been thinking about this. I have gained some great friends from this running group. Probably my best friends who care the most about me, even sometimes calling them family. Although I am unique, I am 27, I should be in a relatively "fast team", although I stick with the Flyers because I have pride in running for a club which is not "strict" about running. How is it that you can become such great friends, with some 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70+ year olds as your friends? At least you have one thing in common, which is running and after that you gain such great respect for people in what they actually do in life. You get to learn, ask about advice in both life and running...I think anyone in our club would freely give you the time of day to answer any questions.

So to this, I let you choose just about anyone from our club...I would even say it would be unique to have a few people's answers from our club, because well our club is so diverse from age, gender, speed, fun, serious to just about any adjective you can describe a runner...you name it, we have it.

(also, I have a great camaraderie story about the Boston marathon from my great group of Flyer Friends...I just didn't want to bore you do death...)

Very best,


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. When's the next new flyer run?

Trakmaniak said...

Thursday...monday...wednesday's...at 7 at engineers gate...

monday downtown crew on 13th and 8th Ave...at 7...

who is anonymous?