The Windy City…

"Running is my private time, my therapy, my religion." GAIL W. KISLEVITZ

Nope, not talking about Chicago folks, I am not in Chicago. Today was like Chicago weather in NYC though, it was FREEZING, though it started last night when the temperature just dropped or felt like it dropped 20-30 degrees in the hours of 6-8…well the time that I got back to my apartment, switched into my running gear and got out for a run.

But that was last night and today was the same. I had to work today and I brought my gear in, though on my way to work, I had every doubt in my mind that I was not going to run today and give my legs a rest. By mid-day, I wanted to run, although pressed my hand against the window and yes, it was FREEZING! I was definitely not going to go out.

By end of the day around 5, I was convinced to go out. Things had changed and I needed to venture out and battle it out for a run. My brain was not functioning, myurge to run was way to strong…and I had to log in my miles…why? Because of the challenge…I need to get some more mileage points to lead the team down the road, since these guys are very unpredictable and knowing them, they can jump and spike their running mileage up by 100%! All are very capable of doing 2009 and I am the challenger remember?

I ran out of my office, out to the Monday group run and started from there. I went in the same direction along the west side and it was WINDY! Oh, I questioned myself on why I was running and why was I out there. It seemed a little warmer, except for the WIND though, as I went towards the west side…full blown straight shot into the wind which shocked me. Oh it was cold…I continued on, thinking about going onto the piers, I thought against it, it wasn’t worth it for today…

I did the usual round about trip on the west side following the Monday night run, rounding out and peering at the sunset along the Jersey side of NYC and later on saying hello to Lady Liberty. It was a nice calming day, although the Hudson was rumbling with high tides as high as splashes came up to the boardwalk. It was crazy! I rounded around the Winter Garden and got stopped as I came back around on the bike path side. What the hell? The security guard stopped me and told me to go around? What?


Anyways, finished my way back on the bike path, but it was brutal…gusts of wind blowing straight into your face…WINTER IS BACK…and the wind is blowing in this windy city…

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