"20" things about me - marathon style

"Years ago, women sat in kitchens drinking coffee and discussing life. Today, they cover the same topics while they run." JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON

"20" things about me - marathon style

1. Number of marathons you have run: Thirteen (13)

2. Where was your first marathon? Marine Corps Marathon (Washington DC) on October 29, 2006

3. Favorite Marathon course: Toss up between NYC and Boston...NYC of course, I think it comes down to the difficulty and home town flair, home town advantage, emotion, heart and joy.

4. Most memorable race: They are all memorable since I can remember them every step of the way with my pictures.

5. PR? 3:00:09 – Boston marathon on Monday, April 21, 2008 PW? 3:31 – Steamboat marathon on June 1, 2008 and altitude sucks!

6. Ever run in a costume? Nope, but wait till this year in NYC marathon.

7. The only running shoes for me: Asics for training (1120, 1120, 1130 & Speedstar 3)Mizuno’s for racing (Wave Elixir 2, 3, & 4) Have fun in Nike (10/2 – Armstrong style)

8. Ever injured? Who hasn’t? Nothing serious...Plantar fasciitis, IT Band, tight calves, Achilles tendonitis

9. Hot or cold weather runner? Both, I can run in extreme hot and extreme cold for training, although for racing a cool 50-70 degree overcast with a little bit of sun over rain.

10. Morning or evening runs? Evening runner during the weekdays, Morning runner during the weekends...strange huh?

11. What is your Motivation? My grandmother’s fight against the Alzheimer’s disease. The moments of time that is captured by pictures with friends, teammates and the spirit of the race. Running to relax and get away from the world for that moment of time...

12. Ever DNF? Nope. Not even walked.

13. Marathon I'd like to forget: Hmm...Close, but none. 2009 Miami Marathon, only because my camera stopped working since I may forget that race, literally...

14. Favorite post race nosh: Race or run? I would say burgers and beer in the evening runs, but a glass of chocolate milk or shake would be nice after a race.

15. Galloway or Higdon? I had to look both of these methods up...so, I put neither, since I had no clue about either of them!

16. Flat course or hills: I like both, I just don’t like courses that are just flat or just hills. I rather go hills for Flat...I hate straight aways...

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack? Close to the front of the pack runner I guess. Always push myself with other people around me and hate to run right behind people...

18. Run alone or with a partner: Mostly a lone wolf...but love the support when people run my pace and challenge me. I can run with others as well...

19. Ever win your age group? Not in a marathon....but in the JFK 5K I won in my age group...

20. Favorite post marathon indulgence: I would like to say after my NYC marathon in 2007, a tuna melt and Chocolate milkshake...with some great friends.

I love making faces at the camera man!
classic having fun at the finishline...I can't believe they took sequential photes!

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