Cousin's Wedding...

"Commitment to the body machine. It was as critical as the commitment to the goal itself." RICHARD CHRISTIAN MATHESON, "Third Wind"

So totally off the subject of running, I took this weekend off (supposingly the last long run before Boston?) Anyways, I may do that this weekend instead...or taper early, which is weird for me since I really don't taper.

So this weekends festivities were reserved for family gatherings and made sure by my cousin that I did not have any marathons that weekend since after all he picked me as his Best Man.

Weird? I thought so, but family is everything in our family and in the Chinese heritage, so I wasn't that surprised.

The wedding was a marathon though and taking drinks...yeah, had a headache by dinner time and didn't eat much since the food was pretty bland, plus I just ate a whole lot of stuff beforehand. Taking pictures, talking to relatives and making sure that my grandma was ok...yeah, also running back and forth to make sure my cousin got everything he needed...

All good...it was their day, their night. Cried a little when the realization of my cousin was getting married..and also the realization that my grandfather was there in spirit.

Here's to the happy couple...

Oh yeah, I was shaking like a leaf when I gave the speech...

Here it is:

Let me say that I am deeply honored by being chosen as the BEST man to speak at your wedding ceremony. I had about a year to prepare for this, or rather my whole life, I promise to be concise.

Jay and Raph, you guys are my cousin’s best friends and both of you guys could have been speaking here today, but when my cousin and I were little, we had a pact. We promised each other, when we were little that we would be each other’s best man. I really didn’t think he was going to honor that pact as we grew older and look where I am now, speaking in front of you all.

Ever since we were little, my sister and I have been calling Eric, Gua Gua, which in Chinese translates into Big Brother and he IS a big brother to us.

For me, Eric was a role model. I basically copied everything he did. When he parted his hair in high school, I followed. When he wanted to study architecture, I did the same. Truthfully, I didn’t even know what architecture was.

From the many memories that we have had, from playing sports to hide and go seek in my grandma’s basement, we always had a great time. We had the most immense imaginations. There was never a dull moment when we were around each other.

Like all kids, we would get into trouble a lot. Since Gua Gua was the eldest of the three, he was the one to take the blame. Or rather, he always automatically got blamed for everything we did.

For instance, the bullet hole story.
When we were little, we decided to go into a shopping cart right outside my grandmother’s house. We brought the shopping cart up to the crest of the hill and then slid down and crashed right into our grandfather’s shed. We used a broom for a braking mechanism that would slow us down. We did this multiple times, each time we wanted to go faster and faster, so we decided to toss the broomstick aside. Well, as we crashed into the shed, the shopping cart flipped over on its side. All of a sudden, we hear my sister crying and her head was full of blood. My cousin and I look at each other and in my head, I was thinking, OH YOU ARE SO DEAD!

Gua gua, I think it is safe to say that we now grown up and since you are now married, we will be responsible for our own actions.

Now come the best thing…Lesley.

From the first time I had met you at our families restaurant there was a small glisten in my cousin’s eye. Something was different about the way my cousin acted around you.

Lesley, you have a very friendly personality, but the one thing that really got me was how comfortable you were around my family and the comfort that you guys both have together. You guys are very open around each other and share many more interesting qualities that other relationships won’t even get into.

Lesley, I never knew anyone to adapt to a family so quickly and with such ease.

If you know Gua Gua, family is one of the most important thing in his life (besides cars, the Yankees, shoes and the Love of Disney...my gosh, I have never seen two people that love Disney as much as these two.) Eric would stop on the dime for anyone in this room. When you both decided to leave your homes and live together, we all knew that both of you two were serious about each other.

On the behalf of our family, let me be the very first person to induct you into our family Lesley. Congratulations! You have passed the test…although you know what you’re getting yourself into right?

Now, may you all raise your glasses. Here is to the new married couple, Boogie and Boog’s…oh wait…

Here is to the new married couple, Mr and Mrs. Eric and Lesley Kam. Congratulations!

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