Friday the 13th - A New York Minute

"The essential thing in life is not so much conquering as fighting well." BARON DE COUBERTIN, Founder of the Modern Olympic Games

As I layed restless on AD's couch in Somerville, MA in the wee hours of the night...it's because my mind was racing, rather than the comfort of the hospitality and the comfort of the couch...

I started thinking about the comparisons of how NYC is.

Let me first explain that I came into Boston after work today and sat next to an Assie gal, visiting her boyfriend...of course all the good looking ones are taken...amazing accent and amazing lookin'...she was a lawyer and only lived in NYC for about 4-6 months. She is enjoying living in NYC and asked her what she would perfer to life, NYC or Boston, her reply was NYC...just more things to do...

I finally arrived in Boston after an exhausting trip on the Bolt Bus, where some of my Alzheimer's teammates tease me by having some bad experiences by bus...yes, my trips to and fro Boston have been experiences...but I survive and it and didn't know what to expect on Friday the 13th.

So...getting back on topic of living in NYC or Boston, AD's roommate was moving out to buy a new apartment. Our other high school friend, TJL just recently bought a new apartment with HF, her boy, in Somerville like literally 3 blocks away from AD.

As AD told me about her roommate situation, she had been surprised about my reaction. I was not phased because, as I told AD we are at an age where we make decisions for ourselves...it is a bit "selfish" but we have to look at our own investments.

We are adults now, and we have to live by our actions. People in Boston grow up faster, it's more family oriented. People in NYC date more and we have more of a professional life....

Which brings me to the NYC minute...

I felt as though living in Boston and being in boston the time goes by a little slower. It may be that your enjoyment of time slows down. In NYC, the time just flys by you. Even though you wake up early, the time always seems like it just goes by so quickly. There is not enought time to do anything in NYC and everyone wants thing so quickly. I guess I am more accustommed to this fast pace environment or maybe it's just the fact of just always doing something.

Whenever I am home in the suburbs, I am LAZY as HELL! I seem to relax more and be at ease. When I am in the city, it's do this, do that...gotta finish this, finish that...never a dull moment.

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