Get your Charity On: Alzheimer's

"How would you describe the worst run you ever had? Precious!" HAL HIGDON

As many people know my swan song the death from my grandfather's passing...I still have yet to recover from my last post. It's getting better although the connection of my grandfather to my grandmother is a closely connected story.

Today after many meetings and going from Queens to Manhattan to Brooklyn as I only went back to the office to quickly eat lunch...went by quickly to find myself leaving finally from work to go to my joint Alzheimer’s event.

This was the very first Alzheimer's event that I had put together at a bar in New York City. I was the first to arrive with JG who was also a coordinator of this event. As slowly people started to trickle in...we all greeted the folk that we had invited. Where does this relate to running?

As most of my friends now are runners (as it is a huge part of my life) many of my club members had RSVP’ed, but I was unsure who actually would make it out. I was very surprised to fine a very large grouping or runners, large grouping of friends who's families were effected with this disease, although it was better that their families was not effected...but it was good to share the stories that we endured with this disease...some parent, grandparents...all stories shared a similar story. The better part was just the people who came to support. Unsure if it was the beer, bar or raffle that we were giving away, but it certainly was not because they cared much about me? Haha...no...I have a new fond respect now, a new inspiration from just my regular running for my grandparents.

My running friends were all behind me. I felt as though there is a connection for why and who showed up to this event. I have to give credit to my fellow college buddies that showed up: PG, CW and DS, they will be there thick and thin through everything I have gone through in life. Although, many of my running teammates showed some compassion in donating from years past, which I greatly appreciated, but with this event thing. It brought a new fond respectable acknowledgement of sharing stories. I had no clue how many people were effected with this disease. I found that there were many people who’s family members had either passed away with this disease or currently have this disease. My heart goes out to them.

The function had brought great tears in my eyes about how people were so generous during these economic times, as I had been hit from these rough conditions as well. Though, tomorrow I have to work, as it is the first Friday back on the grind.

I was gracious to find that the owner of the bar was quite amazing as well as he had donated a 19” flat screen TV and we auctioned it off as a raffle prize. I was amazed about his generosity and was astonished to find such great people all around help fighting the cause. I am amazed, inspired and truly touched.

Thanks to NK for making this happen and making our conversation a reality.

Thanks all for attending. Pictures!

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