Injury week...

"I don't worry about what I've run. I worry about what I'm going to run. To be successful, you've got to keep moving." RAE BAYMILLER

Although I won’t complain at all, I was just happy to be out there. The hardest part about control is being in control of your body and not caving into temptation. You run such a cyclic life that after work you want to just do something...well, the beginning of the week I didn't have any modivation due to the frigid temperatures and my body telling me that I had to rest, but by the end of the week...well that was a different story.

Even though I had skipped out on the first monday group run, I was ok...it was frigid...and pretty clost to the teens and single digits.

Feeling better though...we'll see tomorrow if I can just run a bit...

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