Social hour at the Park!

"My philosophy on running is, I don't dwell on it, I do it." JOAN SAMUELSON

Alright...regular Saturday morning where I usually run up to the park and then was going to just circle around to the top end and come back down towards the bottom and call it a day...never the less, seeing teammates of mine really squanders my plans of getting back early and having plans.

Well...I saw DG talking to KK and TB...I surprise attack TB as she tells me after I jump on her that the wave numbers are out...she tells me that she is in the first wave of the Boston Marathon as she is super giddy about it.

Also she tells me that Tiffany's is spelled with a Y's instead of “ies...”

So I changed it...ok TIFFANY!!!!

I ask her about the jackets and the colors of the Boston Marathon apparel...she states to me that it isn't so bad...I care to differ about that as it SCREAMS out BOSTON MARATHONER!!!

Kidding, but yes, it is very noticeable and the yellow is VERY YELLOW!

Anyways, as TB and KK leave I talk to DG for a little while (about 10 minutes maybe) and then try to catch up to TB and KK...but I couldn't, so I was determined to...I pas a bunch of flyers in the park and continue...then my plans change on mileage as I add a 5 miler in...finally I see TB and KK...I slow down my pace and I guess speed up there's a little as KK tells TB that they are at marathon pace....

Anyways...it's always a good time seeing people in the park! Very exciting...broke off with KK and TB on the lower side of Central Park and then ran home.

Nothing much too exciting after that...ended up running home, completing a 17.5 mile run and going to Jersey afterwards for my cousin's bachelor party of dinner and bowling...which I banged up my leg pretty bad playing bumper bowling...how? Don't ask...so now there is a bruise right on the side of the bone.

Anyways...returned home at 2am in the morning...uh! Got to get up early for the 4 and 15K runs....at least they are early and I'm not running....

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