The Samuel Adams Brewery…

"Our sport becomes not just what we do but an integral symbol-on all levels-of who we are." GLORIA AVERBUCH
Getting up in the morning not knowing exactly where you are is a scary thing. Although waking up with TJL’s dog near you, is a scary thing. No kidding. Baxter was not at all scary in the morning but rather cute as I saw him wondering at first where I was. I recalled that I was in AD’s place soon after a split second, although it takes you quite a while to regulate your balances. 8:30am…wow, that was sleeping in for me. Runners tend to sleep early and get up early…we are conditioned by races or training runs to rise before the sun or try to beat out the heat in the summer time. But today was different; I was trying to relax after a long week.

I slowly type on my blackberry with the rest of the night that happened during my trip over to AD’s place. Stunning huh? A day after and you tend to recall all the facts of what was said and what was recalled in your memory…called a brain? You get the bits and pieces and throw in a few misconceptions here and there…fact or fiction, you recall what was said and what moves and pushes through from mind to paper.

Anyways, as AD woke up, we decided to go on our own run this morning rather than get pulled along with her running club…since PP was not in town either. They, AD and PP, run together and it’s quite comforting to hear how well this full cycle friendship is going…high school friends, college friends, friends of friends…it’s amazing how small this world really is.

Anyways, so AD and I decide to go on a run after I give logistics of my New Bedford Half wake up tomorrow and the Samuel Adam’s brewery tour times that we had planned on going earlier in the week. It’s absolutely amazing how plans get pushed through and it’s amazing how AD is so appeasing to my requests. Although we had gotten ready to run before as I always enjoyed a good run with AD.

We decided to do her 4 mile route, as we discussed about how SR is doing…taking out TJL’s dog and other facts on catching up. It’s been a while and we love catching up on old things, also talking about old things and just having a chill grand old time. AD slowly turns to singing as an option of conversation…umm…weird! Kidding, she’s always very sporadic all the time. That’s AD for you…how many years have I known her? Ahh…it’s wonderful knowing someone in and out and that’s how I knew most of my high school friends.

Anyways, it was good catching up. We quickly ate breakfast, showered and changed and then we were off to the brewery. We waited a while, although it was a beautiful day. As AD and I chatted while we waited for the tour to begin, she stated this about me…we were on the topic of relationships and she knows so much about me…she described my relationships in simple terms on my realizations if I am with the right female…In simple terms, she knows how I operate with the pickiness of what I look for in a gal.

“piss off the can, that’s a two month relationship with you” “shit off the can, that’s a long term relationship realization with you

I would hate to say it, but seriously that is really true in many ways. I couldn’t believe how AD was true to those words and how I was. It scared me a bit and realized how I function as a person.

The rest of the day was amazing. We got to go inside to see the Samuel Adam’s Brewery. It was so much fun where we learned about the nature of how their beer was developed and brewed. Hops, barley, water and yeast is what makes beer…beer! We got to taste about two pints of beer at the end and get a small drinking glass as well…all for FREE. The tour was absolutely FREE!

We stayed there for a while as we tasted three different kinds of beer. Then I was thoroughly kind of buzzed. We then went shopping and ate some “snack” food…it was a very fun day…very fun!

In the end…beer, burritos and best friend…that’s all one needs in life.

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Amy D. said...

God, I think it's scary that I didn't even realize I was singing with you... or to you... oops. Sorry. Consider it a compliment. Anyway, it's pee OR GET OFF the can (2mos); poo OR GET OFF the can (2yrs)!!! And you just happen to choose get off at either of those junctures. Which means you must be pretty clogged up by now, eh? :) xoxo