4 up,..4 down...

"Sustained motivation is essential to achieving your potential." GRETE WAITZ

Not my usual Thursday night runs, although similar. I had a captains meeting tonight for the NYF. It was colder than I had expected due to the fact of sticking my hand out of the office window...but being outside, well that was a different story...and the wind and sun almost going down. I ran up 8th avenue almost at a moderately slow pace. My legs were feeling slightly tired from last night's "easy" workout. I seemed to make it up to the park ok, as…the wind chill continued to drop. As I was veering towards the bend near the reservoir, I see some familiar legs. Well, the joke was basically that her legs and skin are so reflectively white that she can be spotted from anywhere...I usually see Pean running the other way...so it was awkward seeing her run the same way as I was...and from a far, I didn't even know it was her.

Pean has an amazing look to her. Her short body and long legs make her an excellent runner. Her legs are amazingly muscular as you can always see the definitions in her calves as well. We still remain friends and knock on each other from time to time. She pulls along the side as I scream at her telling her that she should not be running...she really shouldn't due to her lung/health clears up...but runners will be runners. We are stubborn.

I pull up right beside her and told her again that she shouldn't be running...something in her quad or hammy was wrong, but that didn’t put her back. I tell her that I could spot her from a mile away with her bright shining legs...she laughs it off and says...that was a good one...like she hadn't heard that before...yes, making me feel stupid.

Ok...so we ran together as her hair flip flopped...yes, I have a thing for perfect pony tails and gals that run with pony tails...ahhh! I told her that her ponytail was turning me on...she laughed, knowing the story...

Ahh...anyways, we part as I say hello to the Thursday crew and she is bound home...I say hello to PBJ and AH, who I haven't seen in a while....just passing through I told them...I also pass by LFG and DG as they were on their way towards the group run.

I run the opposite way of where I was suppose to go, while I run across park, DL sees me and screams that I was going the wrong way...good thing! We walk to DM's place near the park...

Captain's meeting....all the various captains and bloggers were there (LK, Runner26, and other peeps) all captains that are good friends of mine.

After the meeting was over...I decided to run home of course...DL calls this garbage miles...opposed to quality miles? What's what? Geez, calling these miles garbage miles gosh, still running a mile!

I make it back ok, as I recall eating chill and drinking beer before my run...smart Brian...smart!

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