What a beautiful night…

"My outlook is that I never want to look back and wonder how fast I could have been." DOUG MOCK

As I had taken off for a week, my body and legs were just yearning to run, although my achilies had been bothering me so I had to take the week off to let things rest. I had ran a whole lot of miles and this 2009 challenge really took it’s extremes to a point where I was doing the extreme in mileage. Why? I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I am just competitive and just like having the challenge in things to keep me going. Motivation is key and without motivation, you don’t seem to want to do anything. So Friday comes along and after work, I decided to take a run. I was exhausted though and wanted to just go to bed, although I wanted to test out my legs for this weekend. I decided to do a lower loop run from east to west with no piers. Straight through as it was a clear easy jog. I started my run going on an even pace of 9’s. Jog. Yes, I needed to calm myself down and just enjoy the run and enjoy my legs just running.

I never felt a twing and there were runners passing me. I could pass them I would say in my head. I can catch them. It takes discipline not to go with your instincts and really hold yourself back. 9’s turned into 8:30 as I rounded out the Staten Island Ferry. I was getting hungry and I wanted to get back home to cook dinner. OK…I saw this guy that was running pretty hard. I wanted to join him. So I did. I followed him for a bit, always trailing and then Slowly I would catch up and catch him. Looked at my watch…oh no…pace was going at a 7:30…dear me, what happened to holding yourself back? What happened to control? I roughed it out and slowly turned down my gears. I jogged back on 18th from west to east at a slower pace.

Control…listen to your body…control…jog!

What a beautiful night though!

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runner26 said...

_b, you better be careful. i want to see you on the roads--not nursing an injury. hope you're doing okay these days. miss ya.