Cold, Wet, Rainy…all ingredients to make yourself sick…

"Fear is a great motivator. " John Treacy, 1984 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist

Secretary Brian Hsia took a break from newsletter duties to don traditional attire for the Scotland Run, and he was caught in action by an NYRR photographer. (LAST YEAR 2008)

Ok, due to the rain today, I headed out to the race pretty much on arrival time, about half an hour in the park before the race actually begins. Usually I am there about an hour before, which I like to schedule in transportation time, but today it was raining, and it was cold and not waking up too hot, my stomach was not agreeing with something that I had eaten last night. But anyways, I figured I will be ok.

After not getting much sleep last night due to my roommate, I awoke this morning pretty groggy. My legs have been torn up and shredded apart as too many miles are definitely in play. I need to rest up a little before this thing called the marathon is happening next weekend. But I continue to go on and do my best and hardest…I quickly packed up my items and glad that this race started later on in the morning, packed it up safely for the mud, rain and wetness.

Anyways, I arrive to Central Park after receiving some blank stares on the streets and subway, though I was all good. Supporting the whole look of the Scotland week and heritage, I mean hey if you have a kilt, why not wear it right? I usually do this every year, although not really have the courage to wear my kilt in public to the race start…until last year where a police officer screamed out the window of his car, hey nice legs or something of that nature…which was funny to me.

Anyways, I quickly dress down and put my jacket into my bag, switch up bandana’s and get ready. I see CD as I scream over. He is not a happy camper at all. He still resides on the issues of this race being a points race during the Easter Weekend and very bitter by this. Add on the cold, the rain and the wetness…he was not a happy camper. I told him to go ahead to the race start as I had to put my baggage in. There I left my bag zipped up to the rail (later I found that all the bags were soaked and were pretty much full of mud from other’s people shoes dragging around on them…opps!) anyways, as I was leaving I caught up with ES (who was planning out her wedding in Wisconsin and we’re good friends as I caught up with her when she was at the airport).

Anyways, the boys met up all in the blue bib start (PD, CD, JD, TB, KM) all the boys were ready as the rain started to rain some more. PD was surprised that he was called the token white boy…I called you honorary Asian…doesn’t that count? Man, I just posted that last night and I’m wondering now, WHO EXACTLY READS THIS STUFF that goes on in my brain?

I was too far up close and knew this, but got tugged along and later on I would feel the misery. There was a mishap during the national anthem as PD laughed, I followed as I heard it as well, then the race started and the boys were gone…and I went out too fast as well. As I passed mile 1, my legs were screaming at me, thinking why are you running so fast? This was not accordingly to the game plan. We were suppose to plan out this race and have fun, especially in the rain, though I cannot do this…it’s a race for gosh sakes! A POINTS RACE! Ok…I try to simmer down as I hit the rolling hills and hit mile two and my legs are feeling a bit drained. Why? I donno maybe because we had a murderous pace run on Thursday night. Which felt so good…is that why my muscles are not responding to me? OK…I need to save something for the marathon…a little bit? Round out Mile 3 and at the crest of the hill the harlem hills, no duff…there is a lady with a cowbell though, though it was not the same. I kept chugging and by this point, I need to simmer down. Need to save it as I just stream along at marathon pace, this is good, get comfortable and ease. Though my muscles were feeling loaded…then I was passed by another kilt wearing man and his was SOAKED…I mean water everywhere as he passes me and asks me how much my kilt weighed now? Umm…maybe that’s the reason why my legs felt so shredded? The weight of the kilt! Of course! Umm no, just taking it easy…as I spot KM pass me and I ride up in the 10 feet vicinity of him keeping my distance…We end near the finish line as I COULD sprint…but choose not to and keep letting the thing ride…ok, the people come on both sides now, I can’t look like I’m coasting in…so I pick it up a little.

Wheew! Done, cold and wet and rainy…am I going to catch a cold, because all these are very much ingredients to getting sick and I cant have that this week before the Boston marathon…the boys ahead of me are gathered in a group as all of them greet me…as I am the last one to finish…these guys are way too fast for me…Although DUFF AND ME WERE CAUGHT ON TAPE...

I stay till the very end where the raffle was drawn, feeling lucky to see since the crowds are smaller, there would be a greater chance to win the ultimate prize…though I had changed already into dry clothes, I was still cold and the rain and weather was not pleasant. They were handing out fish chowda, which was soothing as I got two cups…I like this whole soup thing at the end of each race…they should have that instead of just the regular bagels, banana’s and fruit…

Ok…home time, crawl into bed and take a nap…then chores for the day…uh COLD, WET and RAINY!

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