A great pace…

"Running was a practical and mystical discipline. It was a way of melding the inner and outer realms." DAVID HOBLER
Long day at work today due to the long hours I have been pulling this week. Just when I was relieved of my primary jobs of schools, I was put onto helping put together a presentation. I am in limbo right now and it seems that your mind is hovering on two different things. You still have to keep your focus on your primary job at hand and finish odds and ends, although you have to up your game onto the other projects and help them out as well. Well I was at work till midnight and good thing it was not a running day.

Anyways, after half sleeping at work the day finally ended where I could get my focus back. I needed a run, although I was truly exhausted. I truly feel at ease when I run. It’s so weird. I feel truly at my game when I don’t think and everything just comes. I mean the last couple of weeks I have been in a true funk. Even with running I start up pretty bad and end up ok, although with running these last couple of weeks I have had cramps, legs have been hurting and burnt a little and just in that true funk.

Let’s just hope that this funk is done by next week. Although tonight’s run started out ok traveling up towards the CP, where I had been late starting out and had about 30 minutes to make it up from 13th and 8th to Engineers Gate…

With the mini chaos in the streets and following an ambulance for part of the way, I finally got securely to the park with 10 minutes to make my way up from the bottom half. Yup, I think I can make it from here. There were many people from the group tonight (AH, PD, DL, AJ, ST, JB)…more than most, where I saw JB as I went up towards engineers gate…I was like, you better make it up there faster! I don’t think we’re going to make it up there in time!

Well, we made it up there. It was gorgeous though as everyone was out running. ST, DL and PD…we all formed a faster pack that streamed away from the group. We chatted at a reasonable pace, although usually a whole lot slower, we really turned it up a notch. It felt good though and I needed this kind of pace. I usually get this with CW on my runs as I find this challenging and need to be comfortable while running at these paces. I needed to test out the group a little and test out my own legs, so I sped up a little with the hills and they followed. Man this group is tough, though we got some to the best runners on our team out here and I’m trying to keep up! 3 Asians and a token white boy…haha…it’s ok we’ll take this Irish bagpipin’ fast as hell runner as an honorary Asian…

After doing a loop in the park, we ended strong and jogged back. It was quite the pace setting group which I hope we have more of this summer…as I went back to 8th ave, running down back to work, it really felt good to laugh and be yourself with other fellow runners in my running club.

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