"Running is the space in my day when I feel the most beautiful - when I don't feel judged by others. And that's what I want for all little girls." MOLLY BARKER, Founder of Girls on the Run International

Well, I got dug up from the deep end as I was brought back into the Junior Committee since we have gotten word that the Alzheimer’s Association is AN OFFICIAL CHARITY PROGRAM! This is really kick ass as we have tried for 3 years to be an official charity and well, it’s who you know that really makes the difference.

We still are trying to iron out the facts and figures, although I am pretty psyched for the accomplishments that many of the prime members MK and JL did for the Junior Committee in securing this program for us.

As for meeting up, MK and JL met up with me to go over a few items with CS. We tried to work from our end and see what needed to be done and what figures we can figure out before presenting our case to the Board.

Time is pretty limited due to the fact that training begins in June for the very beginners and it really looks like we will be having many first timers out there. This is a plus and minus:
Plus – the emotion, admiration, joy and inspiration a first timer brings to the training program is unmatchable. You see the pure joys and struggles, but perseverance in many ways. As I have always said, you always remember your first marathon. A marathon is not for everyone, although trying it takes strength and perseverance. The bug either bites you or does not…but in all, it’s a great way to see what you are made of…you reach your very lows and your very high’s…

The negative – watching over these first timer’s and allowing them to first enjoy the experience. The most important aspect for first timers is to enjoy running, enjoy the people and commitment. We (the coaches) must be aware of the beginner’s body and really mold the training program to being a bit personable. As experienced runners know (or rather marathoners) each person’s body is built differently and the training program is molded for a standard person (taking the average of the person) We need to be very descriptive and develop a very personable dialogue with each individual on the team. Though, then again, I am a do as I say, and not as I do, type of person…so hopefully people will listen and learn from what I do say…

But this is exciting. MK decided to write in a blog as she gears up mile…after mile. It’s very inspirational…let’s just see how long she does this for. Check it out: www.racingtoremember.wordpress.com

As for gearing up, I am mostly resting up my legs for the bostonmarathon coming in 5 days…2 more days till I actually go up to Boston. Still trying to pack up my items and get things prepared. It’s rather hard due to the fact of all these weather reports and every person you talk to has a different scenario…it’s Boston weather…very unpredictable!

Anyways, today after work I went down to the fabric market stores. I had to buy iron on lettering for the front of my jersey so people would cheer me on during the race. It’s inspiring at the very end and helps you refocus or a very uplifting experience. It was getting annoying at the beginning of the NYC marathon, when you hear you name being shouted every ½ a mile!

Although I was able to cut my own hair tonight…can we say MoHawk?

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