Quick Crew...

"Keep varying the program. Your body will tell you what to do." JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON

Ok, so back to running after a tired weekend in Annapolis, MD. We (GW and I and other people from the class) ran on Saturday after the class and around the Navy Yards...anyways, the long ride home from MD was somewhat exhausting, but really I needed a run.

So there were many major players that showed up. The usual: DL and CD...and another speedster the Lam. Surprised to see the Lam due to the fact that I knew he was doing the NJ half marathon and him just doing a 3:02 in Boston.

Anyways, large crew that showed up, as we started our regular adventure. We headed out to the West Side...and DL and I sprinted across ahead of the group...so we got a head start on the piers...CD and The Lam caught up afterwards as we basically left them to catch up...we leave no weakness to the faster runners as we know that we are quite capable of catching up...are we? No I think we are just really mean!

Anyways, we were really steamrolling the course and pace as DL mainly lead the way, and we occasionally tool lead here and there...we were a fast pack group and we trained together which felt really good to run with all of the fast consistant guys.

I ended up splitting in the end, due to the other guys following DL as he road the West side Highway back and as I did my usual piers...after that though I was exhausted, but felt as though I needed to keep pace.

Very exhausting, very nice pace...wheew! What a workout!

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