Spring Fling‏

"Ultimately, the best runners are the ones who are willing to work very hard but who have a little bit of a lazy streak in them." BENJI DURDEN, Coach

Ok, so the flyers had a friday night social once again and I had gone there pretty damn late.
I had a prior engagement with a friend who had recently lost his job and well, I wanted to see if he was doing ok...although he picks the most expensive place to get a drink, which costs like $9 for a beer! Ridiculous!

Anyways, on my way up to the east side, I catch the A train and walk into the subway car. Ok, so I walk in, take a seat near the doors and see 4 gals 2 ahead of me and 2 next to me. I look at them and then they start to speak...oh! These gals are not the typical gals that we are use to here...

I notice right off the bat that they are transgender but not that badly done. They take all these pictures of themselves and then they start taking a movie. Oh gosh!

Ok, so while they are taking the movie. One gal decides to reach into her shirt and pull out her BOOB! Yes folks, the otherone next to her decides to make this porno licking type of motion and I was very confuzed. In my mind I was like, it's a boob, should I get excited because it's a boob? Or since I know it's a transgender person's boob, should I get weirded out by this?

A boob is a boob right?

Anyways, I got up and left and got onto another subway to make it up to the destination. I was extemely fastinated by the fact that there were so many "older flyers" there at the social event.

Anyways, here is a honorary or not so honorary thing to ask...

When getting my beer that night the bartender asked for the money, so I am thinking that I gave her a $10 and she gave me change...now, she gave me I would say $ 13 back and I just took the money...

Would you have told them that you gave the wrong change? Usually I would...but I didn't...

And later on inthe night she came up to me and asked for the change back, knowing that she gave the wrong change to me....so no harm done...just that I was not honest...or she did not give me the correct change.

Either way...I shrugged it off...whatever! We all make mistakes in life and I made the wrong one for not being so honest...ok, fine, I'll be honest from now on!

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