To the newest Flyer: Ping!

"Running has given me an opportunity to reach out and be a benefit to a fellow human being." MARK GOLDSTEIN on the Komen Race for the Cure, a 5K that raises breast cancer awareness
ok...so I wake up this morning to find an e-mail...while driving to a meeting. I find this very funny and have to share this to the blogging world...well to my own personal best of all times...

To PING...you are very funny...

To catch up on this story, read this first...

Little back up story:

Last thursday duff, dlam and ST & I was running together on the group run, fast paced and we were talking about how americans wanted asians to change their names so it would be easier for them to pronounce.

Now, at the end of my run, I called duff an honorary asian due to the fact that he was running with three asians from our team...

This is what he sends me today...

So B,
I've been thinking a lot about what my new Asian name will be, and I'm thinking of going with "Ping". It's a short name, like my Anglo-Saxonname of "P", and it also starts with the letter "P" (or in SesameStreet lingo, it's a P-word). Given that, it should be fairly easy toremember.
Furthermore, this name has a nice ring to it, and should be easy for myyoung nieces and nephews to pronounce (as well as for my Flyer friendsafter a night of heavy alcoholic consumption).

Lastly, I was thinking that if the Flyers Open Men's team were ever to beat the Central Park Track Club Men's team in the NYC Marathon, the park would be filled with the sounds of "Pings" at that moment when allthe Central Park guys would drop their finisher's medals in shock on the pavement.

I'll keep you posted as I finalize my decision.
Ping Duff

Ahh....again when I read it, I still crack up!

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Anonymous said...

Cute one! I know "ping" also and he is a fine athlete and teammate to all. Since he is about my age, i wonder if he also read the old storybook about "Ping" the cute duck. If Ping did not waddle fast enough, he would get smacked on the butt. So anyone who is running with the new "Ping" go ahead and check, see if the threat of a smack on the butt will motivate him too. :-P
(heidi c)