Volunteering for the Boston Marathon Expo

"Use goals not as ends in themselves but as stepping stones. When you reach 80 percent of your long-range goal, reset it." DR. LINDA BUNKER, Sports Psychologist

Yes, after a battle with my Alzheimer's coach about volunteering for the Boston Marathon, I finally received my packet and assignment this past weekend.

Strangely enough I received what I had wanted and only could sign up for, which was reluctant because I had a little glitch in the system when I signed up for my Bolt Bus reservations, where something crazy happened. See here...

Anyways, my Bolt Bus reservations was for 8am on Friday morning for $1...come on, you can't pass that up. So I decided to sign up for volunteering, since I was going to be in Boston for the whole entire weekend and since I have seen some sights already...why not right? Well, the main thing that got me was the FREE JACKET! Awesome...ill do anything really for FREE. Shirt, T-shirt, jacket...I'm totally there...

Though, as indicated in the e-mail, I don't think my coach really appreciated it too much.

I understand. I mean I respect my coach, although I enjoy the experience more. I do understand though. Why?...it's because you are on your feet all day and your legs get tired... I mean I usually don't rest my legs anyways before a marathon anyways...seriously!

I usually would walk all around a city to see the sights...like Chicago, where my sister an I decided to walk around the expo for 3 hours and then go out and see the sights of the city...

Yes, I am crazy!

I have the utmost respect for my coach and other people and don't mean this in any minuet way or any way to criticize or banter. I just do things for what I do things...such as run with a camera during the marathon. I guess you have to respect that in many ways in which I deal with things differently.

Conversation follows:

I mis-spoke at last week's monthly meeting regarding the secret code necessary to access the Alzheimer's Association's "Run For The Memory" group volunteering page on the BAA's website. In the upper right corner of the BAA homepage is a box for volunteering. You'll need the following info:

I suggest signing up for either the AM or PM shifts stuffing race packets on Sunday, April 5, if these spots are still available. It requires only about four hours of work and is weeks before the marathon. If you choose something else, remember NOT to volunteer for something on race weekend because you will want to stay off you feet as much as possible and keep stress and excitement levels low during the last few days before the marathon

Then my response to my coach...after signing up...

hey R

i know that you said that we can't be on our feet for long, and I have done this kind of stuff before.

I will be coming into Boston on Friday, around 1pm and was wondering if they needed help on Friday.

I am taking Boston for fun and will be pacing J again for a 3:10.

I signed up for the volunteering, although they assigned us to earlier dates such as the Sunday April 5 and Thursday April 16. Is there a way you can get me to be a volunteer on Friday?

let me know...thanks!


and then his reply back to me:


There are no strings to be pulled. What appeared on the Volunteer web page is what's available.

Despite my advice regarding racing frequency and distance, as well as standing on race weekend (to do what is truly optional and unnecessary), you sometimes seem not want to not take it . Do whatever you want. It's your race. You are flying in the face of reason but it's not personal; you simply want to do it your way...


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