"It is the illusion that we can go no faster that holds us back." KENNY MOORE

There is something special about the aura of Boston during this time of year, when all of the "qualified" runners meet all in one spot, one area and endure a big race...although the days leading up to this is some what interesting as well, as all marathoners know, there is an expo, there are official shirts, merchandise and give-a-ways! (I mean that's all a marathon runner really loves is the give anyways!)

So, I arrived in Boston by $1 bus fare from NYC early this morning at 8am...which means that I had gotten 4 hours of sleep, due to the fact of simply getting my items in order for this marathon and what to bring...this is what is always challenging about "away" marathons is brining all of you necessary items along with you and thinking you may need something and bringing it just in case...yes, all runners think alike and we would rather not forget a racing shirt and bring that...and not bring an extra t-shirt or whatever...(You get my point! We bring a whole lot of crap, even though we don't need it)

So I met up with JK (yes, it has been a while since I have seen JK) and she allowed me to leave my bag at her hotel room and then went out a little while to catch up. We went along the side of the Charles, as last year we had ran together, like we had always done early in the morning...these are the people I love hearing about are the successes that running has changed their life completely...well, she's all about running now and it's great! And a little addictive!
But anyways, went to get my assignment and they gave me a LIFER shirt, which I was going to buy anyways, so now I can buy another shirt! Sweet!

Anyways, the Adidas merchandise was the OFFICIAL running gear of the Boston Marathon. Anyways, it was nice just talking to the runners from very experienced (whom have ran this rave at least 10 times) to beginners who's first time in Boston and people have to get the gear for their first Boston experience!

After putting the clothes and walking to get people this and that, it was kind of exhausting to say the least and wearing black shoes instead of sneakers did not help either…but my feet were killing me afterwards. I saw the line of the first day (which was literally snaking through the whole entire expo…ok, not really, but seriously people were waiting probably about 30 minutes to purchase their items) and I was not going to go through that tomorrow morning when I was going to unite with my teammates to go to the expo. So, I got my bib number, I also purchased my items: Hat, Polo shirt…anything else now? Pass on the track jacket, save some money.
Ok…so afterwards, I tried on a pair of Adidas shoes and by this point, the expo was definitely closing, so we (three other Asian volunteers, whom I became friends with during the 5 hours working) were still there and followed me out. We were to go get our free volunteer jackets, although when we walked back, the door was locked! OK…go back to security and try to find someone to open the door or give us our jackets. We asked a person, they said no go…and we had to come back the next day…it was no problem to me, although one of the guys there had his bag in there with his house keys in it! Oh man! Ok ok…I had to translate and give a step by step instance to these security guards, since the Asian boys were going straight to the point and had no clue that these guards were not getting it…

Anyways, long story straight…after 30-45 minutes of whoopla, we got into the room…although no jacket until someone showed up later on and gave us our jackets!

Awesome! BRIGHT YELLOW ADIDAS JACKETS! You can see me a mile away with this jacket! Hey…it’s FREE!

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Running and living said...

Can't wait to hear how the race went! Your PRs are amazing! Ana-Maria